Willow Smith Stuns in Naked-Chested Red Behold & Fierce Make-up for ‘Attract’ Quilt: Photos

Willow Smith Stuns in Naked-Chested Red Behold & Fierce Make-up for ‘Attract’ Quilt: Photos

Willow Smith on the 2024 duvet of Attract

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Willow Smith within the entrance row
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Unusual York, NY  - *EXCLUSIVE* Willow Smith reveals some pores and skin arriving with a friend at Electric Lady Studios in Unusual York City.

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Image Credit rating: Zhong Lin

Willow Smith has been in Hollywood’s spotlight since she modified into a baby — but she’s able to “point out” the “nepo little one” critics unpleasant. As the handiest daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow, 23, sat down with Attract for a describe shoot, for which she posed in a intrepid crimson ensemble.

In a single describe from the duvet shoot — which got right here out on Thursday, Also can 2, alongside her interview — Willow modeled an oversized, crimson decrease-out spy, which featured a gash top and miniskirt paired with matching leggings. To whole the fiery describe, Willow’s face modified into brushed with radiant crimson makeup.

Willow Smith
Zhong Lin

In another describe, the “Twenty first Century Lady” artist modified into given a courageous leopard-themed makeover, colorful with gold, blue and crimson accents all the device thru her face. For the duvet shot, Willow’s hair modified into accomplished up in a dramatic, statuesque style.

Whereas speaking to the outlet, Willow unfolded about her original album, empathogen, to boot to rising up under the limelight as a young Dim girl. With out reference to before every part being identified by her eminent oldsters, Willow acknowledges that she has “privilege” but can silent connect with followers.

Willow Smith on the duvet of Attract magazine
Zhong Lin

“Being Dim in America, even with privilege — which I’m under no circumstances going to negate that I’ve — you’re silent Dim,” Willow acknowledged, sooner than alongside with, “And I cherish being Dim. Of us would spy at me and [say], ‘K, well, her oldsters are this and this and that, but she silent is fancy me. She silent has brown pores and skin.’ And all individuals knows that that doesn’t exempt you from the relaxation, and that’s a design of connection.”

By arrangement of the naysayers who’ve dubbed Willow a “nepo little one,” the “Whip My Hair” hitmaker acknowledged that right here’s an “insecurity” of hers but emphasised that she worked her arrangement up the ladder with out her oldsters’ support.

Willow Smith posing for Attract magazine
Zhong Lin

“I genuinely imagine that my spirit is a precise spirit and that, although my oldsters weren’t who they had been, I would silent be a weirdo and a loopy thinker,” Willow outlined. “I positively deem that rather little bit of insecurity has driven me more difficult because other folks arrangement deem that the handiest motive I’m successful is thanks to my oldsters. That has driven me to work undoubtedly bright to strive to point out them unpleasant. However at the present time, I don’t must point out s**t to anyone.’”

Aside from her eminent family, Willow additionally eminent another danger: “being perceived as advanced” in cloak trade.

“In this society, a girl who knows what she desires is repeatedly perceived as being ‘advanced,’” she acknowledged. “I’m no longer being advanced, I honest know what I want. And I’m willing to sacrifice the chillness of the second for attempting to find to that aim.”


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