CISE – Stronger Threads For a Stronger Community


CISE is a Los Angeles-based fashion house that blends socially responsible design with stylish apparel. Founded by Blake Van Putten, CISE produces apparel to give voice to those who are often overlooked or marginalized.

CISE faculty and students frequently collaborate with local community organizations on projects that address local needs. Examples include student groups working with Keister Elementary school to create a garden, as well as Engineering students helping animal shelters reduce their euthanasia rates.


CISE is a research institution with the mission of encouraging investigator-driven research and education, stimulating cross-disciplinary collaboration, developing and maintaining cutting-edge national cyberinfrastructure, and cultivating an IT workforce that will be highly competitive in the global marketplace.

CISE supports a number of initiatives to further this mission, such as the CIO Development Program which encourages collaboration between Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and their peers, research grants and awards designed to boost entrepreneurialism in Silicon Valley, and charitable organisation called CISE Education Fund. Most notable among them is CISE-sponsored smarmy award – an innovative student scholarship designed to aid Bay Area students with financial need pursue degrees in IT or computer science fields.

CISE frequently provides study abroad opportunities that involve hands-on engineering and design projects. One notable example is the Engineering Program’s sophomore design project, which utilizes a complex human-powered vehicle to assist a local client with physical challenges.


Cise, a variant of cis, can mean “cut” or “out.” Cise also roots many words that convey death or killing–such as the ones mentioned above and cid, another variant of cis that means “to kill”.

The word is believed to have come from a Latin root that can be seen in words such as circumcise, decisive, incision, incisive, precise and scissors. Furthermore, cid is the root of the English verb ‘to cut’ which describes the process of cutting itself.

Cise is a surname found in many countries around the world. However, certain regions use it more commonly than others due to their shared African ancestry and presence there.


CISE Community Research Infrastructure (CCRI) program fosters discovery and learning in core CISE disciplines represented by three participating divisions [Computing & Communication Foundations (CCF), Computer & Network Systems (CNS), and Information & Intelligent Systems (IIS), by funding the establishment and improvement of world-class research infrastructure with integrated suites of tools, resources, user services, as well as community outreach activities.

The CCRI is a major contributor to the University’s mission of advancing discovery and education in computing, information science, and engineering, with an emphasis on enabling and engaging diverse communities of researchers with focused research agendas. To this end, CCRI projects should create infrastructure that supports their intellectual focus.

One of the greatest advantages of CCRI is its potential to foster and support an engaged research community with a defined research agenda. A successful CCRI project should facilitate and motivate participation in a research program by multiple CISE disciplinary researchers, led by CISE disciplinary experts.


CISE, a Los Angeles-based fashion house founded by Blake Van Putten – believes in “stronger threads for a stronger community”. Their designs give voice to those often silenced in society through apparel. Established by an ex-project manager on Wall Street, their mission is rooted in Blake’s passion for entrepreneurship and the idea that one purchase can make an impact around the world.

CISE is a multi-faceted company, covering everything from apparel production and event planning to social media marketing and charitable work in the local community. As such, they often find themselves in situations where they must step outside their comfort zone.

CISE students often collaborate with local organizations such as Keister Elementary school in West Philadelphia and the Office for the Advancement of Sustainable Energy to address pressing issues within our community. Furthermore, many CISE faculty members engage in outreach initiatives through student projects or public service opportunities.


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