The mystery of spiritual amputators

The mystery of spiritual amputators

The eyes of men can be amputated and such a person will become a spiritual bat. This means he will suffer lack of vision. Prov. 29:18 says where there is no vision, the people perish. A lack of vision implies that there is no motivation and this can lead to frustration.

A man without eyes only sees darkness and, so, cannot navigate his way through life. One whose eyes are spiritually amputated only sees problems in life and never sees solutions to them; so, he will begin to die gradually. Such a person can also begin to doubt some God-given prophecies that once gave him hope – because his vision has been blinded.

A man with amputated eyes is spiritually blind. He can live amid enemies without realising it. In Ezekiel 8:7-16, Ezekiel did not know that he was surrounded with witches and covens until God opened his eyes. May God open your eyes in Jesus’ name.

Again, the destinies of men can be amputated. Destiny is what you are ordained to become in life. If it is amputated, you become diverted and find yourself doing what you are not called to do. This amounts to fruitless struggles in life, as is the case with many persons today. They struggle to be relevant in life and are living below divine standard. They become unfulfilled in life and are completely cut off from helpers.

Lastly, relationships can be cut off. Some persons are spiritually cut off from their helpers and certain covenant relationships that are meant to make them great in life. They are cut off from persons ordained to be their destiny helpers, advertisers and ladder holders to help them climb up in life. You can also be cut off from your spouse or fiancé and this leads to martial problems. Some others are cut off from business relationship causing them to struggle financially.

These spiritual amputators can gain access to one’s life through several means. One of them is through dreams, Matt. 13:25. Some dream seeing themselves on a wheelchair, in accidental vehicle, being operated on and an organ removed from their body or seeing a body part missing.

Other accessible points are: through errors or mistakes of the past, faulty foundation or curses issued against one’s life. It can also be through illicit sex with one who is not your spouse.

Finally, it can be through evil consultations, when you enter places you are not supposed to go.

To be free from the influence of these spiritual amputators, you must first repent from your sins and then do a spiritual mapping to identify what is missing or not going right in your life. Then engage the amputators in battle through fasting and intense prayers. Get baptised in the Holy Ghost and barricade your life with the blood of Jesus and the fire of the Holy Ghost.

Prayer Points

• Every satanic surveillance over my life, scatter by fire in Jesus’ name.

• Powers attacking any organ in my body to hospitalise me or kill me before my time, in the name of Jesus, be roasted by fire.

• Powers assigned to perpetually put me in a wheelchair or hospital bed, you are a joker, die in Jesus’ name.

• If I am my own worst enemy, father arise and deliver me from myself in Jesus’ name.

• Every evil list in the coven or strange altar containing my name, in the name of Jesus, catch fire.

• Powers blocking my wealth or breakthrough in the spirit realm, in the name of Jesus, catch fire.

• Wicked arrows fired into my body or life, hear the word of the Lord, come out now, re-arrange yourself and return to sender by fire.

• Every hidden affliction or sickness in my body, in the name of Jesus jump out now by fire.

• Any witch or wizard from my family on assignment to donate me to their coven, you are a joker, replace me now and die.

• Every evil transaction that took place in the past, now affecting my life negative in the name of Jesus, catch fire and die.

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