The 13 Easiest Hiroyuki Sanada Movie and TV Roles

The 13 Easiest Hiroyuki Sanada Movie and TV Roles


Sanada has fully shined as Yoshii Toranaga on Shōgun. Fearsome, ruthless, and lustrous as hell, the actor brings levity and humanity to such an imposing figure. All we now must articulate is: Give this man an Emmy!



Sanada joined the HBO sci-fi series when it launched the Shogun World theme park. He now not utterly struck fright in everyone’s hearts as Musashi, but he also offered crucial cultural guidance at some level of the filming of the series.

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That’s true, Sanada even made his sign on one amongst potentially the most legendary TV presentations of all time: Misplaced. He joined the solid in the leisure season and promptly shook up audiences’ theories referring to the series finale. His character, Dogen, used to be a mysterious dweller in the Temple and had a narrative arc that tugged at followers’ heartstrings.

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John Wick 4

From Donnie Yen to Halle Berry, the John Wick franchise has no shortage of legendary cameos. This comprises Sanada, who appears in the fourth installment as Shimazu Koji, a grand swordsman and ally to Wick.


Bullet Educate

In Bullet Educate, David Leitch’s accepted and action-packed 2022 movie, Sanada portrays the Elder, a primitive yakuza member and formidable fighter whose mission is to protect his family from assassins. He can also have little camouflage time, but he makes an enduring affect as constantly.

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Mortal Kombat

The mighty-anticipated Mortal Kombat adaptation—which is per the video game of the same name—at closing arrived in 2021. Sanada left his sign on its legacy as the enduring character Hanzo Hasashi, aka Scorpion. The actor’s many years of martial-arts abilities achieve him a believably fearsome warrior.

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Bustle Hour 3

The third chapter of the cherished buddy-cop franchise aspects Sanada as Kenji—Inspector Lee’s foster brother, who became the boss of a crime syndicate. He presentations off impressive stuntwork reverse his longtime buddy Jackie Chan.



Assign of living in an apocalyptic future, Sunshine tells the narrative of eight women and men folks on a closing-ditch mission to revive the solar sooner than the planet goes darkish. Sanada performs Kaneda, the ship’s captain. He trained in quite loads of English dialects in tell to capture his character’s tutorial and experiential background.

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The Final Samurai

Sanada’s first time in a indispensable Hollywood manufacturing also came about to be reverse Tom Cruise. The Final Samurai is a historic drama about an American soldier who turns into embroiled with samurai warriors amid the Meiji Restoration. Sanada’s performance as Ujio earned him serious acclaim and the respect of Hollywood studios.

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The Twilight Samurai

An unconventional samurai narrative, The Twilight Samurai stars Sanada as Seibei Iguchi, a miserable bookkeeper who yearns to achieve his full potential as a samurai and as a man. His heartfelt and emotionally brutal performance garnered him world reward.

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This fright masterpiece launched a wave of Asian fright films spawning dozens of American remakes. In line with the monstrous thought of a sequence letter, Ringu is ready a videotape that causes the death of someone who watches it after seven days. Sanada brings gravity to the movie as the clairvoyant Ryuji Takayama, who tries to ruin the curse.

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Royal Warriors

Sanada examined out his crossover appeal by performing in quite loads of Hong Kong films. One in all potentially the most well-appreciated movies is Royal Warriors, by which he groups up with Michelle Yeoh. He performs a laborious-boiled primitive Tokyo police officer who must aid a cop (Yeoh) discontinue a airplane hijacking.

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Shogun’s Samurai

One in all Sanada’s breakout roles used to be in Shogun’s Samurai, taking part in the son of Yagyū Jūbei Mitsuyoshi (Sonny Chiba). The movie used to be a wide hit in Japan—and it even resulted in a TV shuffle-off. It also marked a milestone in Chiba’s mentorship of Sanada.


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