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ProfitChat Review Is it Worth The Hype?

ProfitChat Review

Welcome to my ProfitChat review. I’m Steve from Greenlauncher.com

The big question is: Is ProfitChat worth it?

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This new cloud application is a game-changer. Even people who are new to the world of social media can now send unlimited Facebook and Instagram messages directly to anyone’s phone. Imagine having your own messaging machine that can get you a 98% open rate and reach people in 180 countries with just one click. And the best part? The machine writes the messages for you 24/7 using ChatGPT.

This social media “autoresponder” works on Instagram and Facebook, collects leads for you 24/7, including people’s phone numbers, and then messages them using ChatGPT to close affiliate sales. It works in any niche and never stops to eat or sleeping. It is always online and talks just like a real person.

With Facebook having over 3 billion users, and each user checking their account an average of 30 times a day, the potential reach is enormous. Instagram is also a popular platform with over 1 hour spent on the app per day, per person with internet access, and over 400 million stories posted every day. Additionally, influencers are paid an average of $15,000.

Compared to email’s traditional 5% open rate, this new software’s capabilities are groundbreaking. It’s a social media marketer’s dream come true.

What Is ProfitChat?

ProfitChat is a software that finds Facebook and Instagram targeted leads, adds them as a contact, and sends unlimited messages with your affiliate link. It uses ChatGPT to mimic how a ‘real human’ talks, so it acts like your own personal sales army. It comes complete with done-for-you messages to send and readymade affiliate offers that pay you commissions over and over again.

ProfitChat is fully cloud-based software that provides Facebook and Instagram autoresponder and chatbot messaging systems with 98% open rates guaranteed. It instantly finds unlimited leads and starts messaging within seconds talking just like a regular person. It is powered by ChatGPT and collects emails and phone numbers you can then email or text. It has a social media manager that auto-posts, auto-stories, and auto-replies using the power of AI. It has built-in affiliate shops with hosting right inside FB & Instagram Messenger apps (fully integrated with PayPal, checkout forms & more). It has pre-configured SMTP & dedicated IP so you get straight into your customers’ phones and make sure you “PING” them with every message you send. Unlimited messaging has never been easier!

ProfitChat also has a dedicated chatbot for Facebook that replies back to customers’ questions instantly and closes the sale even in your sleep. It has done-for-you products & messages that you can activate one of our DFY affiliate offers, copy/paste the Facebook & Instagram messages we give you and insert your affiliate link and be on your way to passive commissions without doing any work!

ProfitChat comes with a commercial license included which gives you the right to manage Facebook & Instagram conversations for businesses, sell Facebook & Instagram chatbots to them at a hefty fee, or handle all of their phone outreach for a monthly subscription. The possibilities are pretty limitless!

ProfitChat has built-in training to get you earning. Unlike other programs, we’ve built over-the-shoulder case studies and in-depth training straight into ProfitChat showing you step-by-step how to run winning campaigns!

ProfitChat also provides 24/7 white glove support which have you covered. Our dedicated support concierge team is ready to accommodate any request, question or suggestion. We’re here for you any time day or night – there is always someone on our support desk no matter the hour!

In summary, ProfitChat automates unlimited leads, free traffic & high ticket commissions in just 3 simple steps (and with zero monthly fees!). You log in to our stunning cloud-based software (there is nothing for you to set up, configure or host – they give you your own Facebook & Instagram ChatBot With ChatGPT SMTP server & dedicated IP!), upload your contacts list or let the app find red-hot FB & Instagram leads right away (that’s right: they get you millions of Facebook & Instagram contacts targeted to YOUR niche!), relax as ProfitChat blasts any message with any link or offer to the phones of millions of people, for unlimited free traffic & $1,000+ automated commissions (these ChatGPT-powered chatbot messages leads 24/7 talking like a real person & promoting your affiliate offers!).

The benefits of ProfitChat include having a virtually done-for-you business, never seen before Facebook & Instagram automation, professional stats & reporting inside The ProfitChat admin panel, trust in their cutting-edge tech which provides the highest level of quality, they provide you with the ProfitChat software, video tutorials, converting email! One-time payment only – no monthly fees! This has been fully tested by us personally and is proven to work! All-in-one panel loaded with amazing tools to make money online! Templates & everything else needed to succeed – this is the complete package! This will get you instant true automated freedom for your social media! ProfitChat will change the way you view online products from the ground up!

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