Liked indie dev “miraculously” lands co-op sport that contains 9 of the largest vtubers on Earth, but pays a heavy tag: “My recoil ass seeking to impart act”

Liked indie dev “miraculously” lands co-op sport that contains 9 of the largest vtubers on Earth, but pays a heavy tag: “My recoil ass seeking to impart act”

Earlier this month, Kay Yu, the lead dev late Vampire Survivors-esque roguelike phenomenon HoloCure launched a promising novel co-op brawler called Holo X Fracture. Yu has since confirmed that Holo X Fracture will feature impart acting from at least 9 streamers of featured vtubing group Hololive – all enormous net celebrities of their very beget moral, with ample subscribers to place them at the tip of the total vtubing alternate – but it absolutely looks getting them on-board build him during the most embarrassing moment of his existence. 

Yu recounted the bittersweet story in a Twitter thread. Holo X Fracture stars two generations of Hololive vtubers, with four known playable contributors and but any other five positioned as antagonists. “We miraculously bought all 9 skills to conform to lend their impart,” Yu explained. That’s when the anguish started. 

“They wished to make certain that that it was as soon as easy for the abilities to epic and sigh the title precisely how it’s meant to be said,” he continued. “So that they requested me… to epic myself announcing it as an illustration for them… I sat there for 30 minutes taking into account if I used to be as soon as mentally in a position to neutral accept these 9 skills will hear to my recoil ass seeking to impart act and sigh the title the an analogous arrive y’all heard it. In the end I manned up and did it, but I truly feel love I lost a fraction of myself that day.

“I truly agree with never felt more embarrassed in my total existence than that moment. My shame died. I may never dwell it down; it’s over for me. Anyway, I ponder if there is but any other impart on this sport now not revealed but.” 

The silver lining is that usually every streamer in Hololive is a big fan of Yu thanks to HoloCure. After all, they’ve launched his breakout sport to millions of viewers through endless dwell streams. I’m certain it was as soon as, in a arrive, intriguing for Yu to agree with interaction with the streamers late those cherished characters, particularly for a collaboration on a brand novel sport that has the backing of the newly minted indie gaming arm of Hololive proprietor quilt. That said, I could perhaps perhaps peep why this will seemingly be so nerve-wracking, particularly for any individual who looks to love preserving a reasonably low profile.

In more crucial, equally attention-grabbing news, Yu clarified that Holo X Fracture received’t be an ongoing project love what HoloCure has develop into: “Once it’s carried out and released, it’s carried out (with minor trojan horse fixing updates),” he said. “That’s to now not narrate there received’t be to any extent additional impart material for this sport ever any other time, but I’d sigh don’t bet on it.” 

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