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Fresh Characters and Tales Arrive in Goddess of Victory: Nikke’s 1st Anniversary!

Fresh Characters and Tales Arrive in Goddess of Victory: Nikke’s 1st Anniversary! - IGN Picture

Level Infinite’s Goddess of Victory: Nikke vital its first birthday with a livestream on October 27. The dart published tall celebration plans for this free-to-play shooter’s extremely a success first year. There’s an all-novel storyline, novel characters, and might look ahead to just a few top-tier fanservice. Whenever you happen to might very successfully be already a Nikke player, you might possess hit the jackpot. And whenever you might very successfully be a newcomer, there is by no formula been a higher time to affix the ranks.

Nikke drew in 25 million downloads in its first year on my own thanks partly to its aesthetic art, animations, and collaborations with fashionable properties fancy Chainsaw Man and Nier: Automata. Its pattern crew additionally built up self belief over the past year by paying terminate consideration to fan feedback from around the arena when it’s optimizing the game or designing novel advise material. Nikke turn into voted Finest App at the Famitsu Dengeki Sport Awards 2022 in Japan, and it’s heading in the correct direction to reduction improving.

Nikke players delight in their fanservice, so it goes with out announcing that its anniversary celebration had plenty to give. A brand novel fundamental memoir occasion called “Red Ash” turn into one hinted portray, a ramification with solely voiced memoir advise material and inspiring cutscenes seeded one day of.



We met novel characters as successfully: Red Hood and Snow White: Innocent Days. Red Hood is a bit tough around the perimeters attributable to her tricky upbringing, nonetheless she discovered the benefits of friendship and loyalty when she joined the Goddess Squad. Fierce, doughty, and wild, Red Hood will war to the bitter terminate, no topic the non-public cost. Red Hood’s memoir is reflected during the first Anniversary Yarn Tournament OST, additionally named “THE RED HOOD”, conducted by Djerv (the band at the again of “Procure Jinxed,” the theme music for League of Legends’ unhinged persona, Jinx). Irrespective of how deeply Red Hood’s past scarred her, she constantly finds the strength to face again up and war.


For sure, Nikke’s first anniversary supposed extraordinary gifts for players. Every player received 127 recruitment opportunities, and the aforementioned SSR persona, Snow White: Innocent Days, persona through a free giveaway.



Other upcoming in-sport events encompass: The Miracle Snow, Nikke’s holiday expansion returning for 2023, this time with fat animations and voices. For players who suffered from the upgrade materials, they’ll set apart a query to the Simulation Room 2.0 upgrade in the near future This ongoing pattern will let players catch upgrade materials extra rapid, a unbiased followers possess been clamoring for.

For americans who enjoyed the outdated partnerships equivalent to Nikke teaming up with Chainsaw Man, or NieR: Automata, must seem ahead to future collaborations in the year to arrive again. The crew has strived to produce well-known collabs to its players which they hope to equally meet the mark in year two!

With all these events and collaborations in the works, Nikke is simplest getting higher and deeper. There’s no time fancy the fresh to take into yarn what Nikke followers possess fallen in delight in with: the designs and assets of their current characters, the immersive, memoir-driven world, the challenging persona animation, and the strategy that includes managing a crew the fetch every persona brings extraordinary talents to the table.

Moreover, Nikke permits players to customize their very have trip in-sport, tailoring your crew to a most fashionable playstyle, fancy develop a solid crew to lift down Nikke’s missions and colossal bosses or constructing an aesthetically-just staunch-wanting crew that is correct nice to take into yarn at. Or you might manufacture a crew that is solid and horny. With Goddess of Victory: Nikke, it’s potential.

To download the PC model and learn extra about GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE, strive https://nikke-en.com!

For the mobile sport, fetch the game on the iOS App Retailer and Google Play Retailer!

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