EKEDC reiterates commitment to health, sports development

EKEDC reiterates commitment to health, sports development

Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) has reiterated its commitment to supporting Health and Wellness and Sports Development initiatives at the recently concluded EKEDC Tennis Tournament at Ikoyi Club 1938.

  The DisCo stressed that the week-long tournament is in line with the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) pillars, health and wellness, noting that the audience witnessed the display of grit, resilience and healthy competition among participants.

  Speaking at the closing ceremony, the Acting Chief Executive Officer of EKEDC, Rekhiat Momoh emphasized the importance of health and wellness in the society, noting that the tournament underscores and aligns with the company’s healthy competitive spirit and striving for excellence.

  “We will stop at nothing until we achieve our aim of providing a safe, reliable and constant electricity supply to all our customers. Beyond that, in line with our tagline of empowering the quality of lives, we will also improve our immediate communities through impactful Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives as well as strategic partnerships and sponsorships such as this aimed at promoting Health and Wellness. We are also committed to sports development because that is another area that can bring growth to our immediate community,” she said.

  The Chairman of the Ikoyi Club Tennis section, Diran Famakinwa, said this year’s tournament is the third edition and has not failed to bring out exciting performances from the participants.

  “Each day brought out its beautiful performance and I can say this year’s own was keenly contested with a stunning display of athleticism and team spirit,” he said.

  The Disco mentioned that its commitment to health and wellness extends beyond the tennis court, pointed out that as part of its corporate social responsibility initiatives, the company has implemented various programs aimed at improving the well-being of its employees and the communities it serves.

  In attendance at the closing ceremony were the Chairman, Board of Directors of EKEDC, Dere Otubu, Chairman, Board of Directors of WPG, Charles Momoh and Director, WPG, Ernest Oji, who presented the winners, runners-up and semi-finalists their trophies.

  The participants were grouped into the different business units of EKEDC with Ibeju District emerging as overall champions while Lekki District were the runners-up.

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