Divineko is a easy nonetheless keen puzzle game out now on Google Play and the App Store

Divineko is a easy nonetheless keen puzzle game out now on Google Play and the App Store


A drawfully appropriate time

Divineko is a easy nonetheless keen puzzle game out now on Google Play and the App Store
  • Divineko is a deceptively easy puzzle game
  • Design shapes equivalent to enemies to win scramble of them
  • Take on enemies with dozens of shapes earlier than they take you out

Cats are magic, that is a straightforward fact. And so they rather maybe possess the ability to slay you with their mind, at the very least that is doubtlessly what they assume they’ll develop. Fortunately, in Divineko – Magic Cat that that you simply might maybe leverage this feline fatality for the ability of appropriate and fight off hordes of monsters utilizing rapidly puzzle gameplay.

Divineko – Magic Cat is a deceptively easy idea. On one aspect of the show cloak is you, the cat, and on the opposite are coming come enemies. To crash them earlier than they win to you, it is best to blueprint out the finest form at the bottom of the show cloak. Naturally, it does now not slay easy for prolonged, and with strength-u.s.just like the protect, bomb and hourglass you’ll need your total assist they’ll provide against bosses with dozens of shapes to blueprint out in as short a time as imaginable.

Abnormal is a grimy note

A cat battles a colossal monster with shapes contained inside of it.

As now we possess famed earlier than, ‘queer’ is a bit of a taboo in video gaming. Even doubtlessly the most obscure idea has doubtlessly been performed in some sort earlier than. And the identical is within the slay factual of Divineko, whenever you be aware action-typing games like Typing of the Pointless that challenged you to up your typing bustle to take out enemies.

Nonetheless, that does now not take a long way from the easy yet intelligent allure of a game like this. With monochrome graphics and a procedural song machine that develops as you progress, there might be tons to love in Divineko – Magic Cat, out now for the iOS App Store on iPad and iPhone, and Google Play for Android devices.

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Iwan Morris


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