Wonka Mods Xbox Controller in His Image

Wonka Mods Xbox Controller in His Image

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Timothée Chalamet is Wonka.
List: Warner Bros.

One ingredient about Timothée Chalamet: He’s going to continually be linked with Xbox controllers. He as soon as made about $30 as an anonymous YouTuber, working a now-defunct channel about his Xbox 360 controller modifications known as ModdedController360. Now, his fancy for gaming accouterments has intersected alongside with his business pursuits. On November 13, Warner Bros. and Xbox offered a fresh partnership in honor of Chalamet’s upcoming film, Wonka. Starting nowadays, fans can enter a world sweepstakes to get Wonka-inspired Xbox prizes, including a dinky different of X(field) of Chocolates, containing edible Xbox controllers in a gold wrapper straight out of the chocolate manufacturing facility, alongside with 5 truffles and a burgundy-coloured Xbox controller that you just will seemingly be in a living to if truth be told use to play games. A assertion assures us that the sweet treat is fabricated from “100% pure chocolate,” and no longer Augustus Gloop byproducts. An Xbox Series X bundled with a console point out modeled after Willy Wonka’s chocolate retailer is without doubt one of many many prizes. A huge day for ModdedController360.

This potentially healed Timmy’s internal baby.
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Wonka Mods Xbox Controller in His Image


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