WATCH: Young Lady Sends Her Shoemaking Product to Buyer in Dubai, Programs It in Video

WATCH: Young Lady Sends Her Shoemaking Product to Buyer in Dubai, Programs It in Video
Young Lady Sends Her Shoemaking Product to Buyer in Dubai, Programs It in Video

  • A Nigerian shoemaker delivered her products to a customer in Dubai, and the video snappy won reputation on TikTok
  • The girl revealed that her customer bought four sneakers and two belts, and she was as soon as captured packaging them
  • Her excitement about sending her products to Dubai was as soon as evident as she demonstrated how she fascinating the package

A proficient Nigerian shoemaker no longer too long prior to now carried out a successful transport to her customer in Dubai, shooting the honor of viewers on TikTok.

Within the video, the shoemaker revealed that her customer had bought four pairs of sneakers and two belts.

Nigerian shoemaker applications expose from Dubai consumer
She intends to train the sneakers to Dubai. Describe credit: @khal_design
Provide: TikTok

The joys was as soon as palpable as she meticulously packaged the objects, showcasing her craftsmanship and consideration to detail.

As shared by @khal_design, sending her products to Dubai marked a considerable achievement for the shoemaker, and her packaging course of resonated with viewers worldwide.

Scrutinize the video below:

Business City compiled just among the reactions below:

Wonder Cruise stated:

“No 1 Vic.”

Ofordile Linda wrote:

“I esteem the sad and belt how considerable.”

Ezenachukwu Victoria commented:

“Currenthy no longer no longer taking Bespoke orders anymore.”


“What’s the cost of this?”


“My madame successfully performed ooo, me two I day ye ooo.”

Diamond Hanson:

“Attain u contain an online space??”


“Nlease i esteem the sad as successfully with the belt and how considerable is the cost.”

Ezenachukwu Victoria:

“At this time no longer taking bespoke orders anymore.”

Anthonia Oke958:

“This is amazing.”


“Kudos! Effectively performed!”

Sidney I.0:

“Stamp mark?”

Lady who makes sneakers goes viral

Meanwhile, Business City earlier reported that TikTok customers also reacted to a video of a female shoemaker after she confirmed off her products on the platform.

The proficient lady, Ezenachukwu Victoria, stated she has been fast by many people that her products are appropriate.

Victoria stated any other folks even expose her that the sneakers she makes may maybe presumably also review shoulder to shoulder with those made from the country.

Lady produces gorgeous handmade sneakers

In a single other related legend, Business City reported that a Nigerian lady, Francisca, impressed social media customers after she posted gorgeous sneakers she made.

In a video shared on TikTok by @francisca4sj, the girl was as soon as seen when she was as soon as working on one of many sneakers.

The nice sneakers are entirely handmade, the employ of threads, making them outlandish and beautiful to vogue enthusiasts.

Provide: Business City

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