Top 7 most popular gift cards to redeem in Nigeria

Top 7 most popular gift cards to redeem in Nigeria

In the gift card trading industry in Nigeria, certain gift cards claim the top spots. This article highlights the top 7 most popular gift cards to redeem in Nigeria.

Gift card trading is now one of the most leveraged online activities to earn money among Nigerian youths. To be a successful gift card trader, it’s imperative to have the required knowledge to make the most of your trade.

All popular gift cards that will be highlighted in this piece have the highest trading rates. Get to know them and instantly sell gift cards at the best rates on Nosh.

Keep reading to find out.

Best 7 Gift Cards With Highest Rates In Nigeria
Let’s discuss the top 7 gift cards you can trade at the highest rates in Nigeria.

1. Steam Gift Card

Feel free to ask any gift card trader in Nigeria about gift cards they’ve traded in the past. There is a high probability you will get to hear Steam gift card. The reason behind this is obvious.

Over the years, Steam has consistently been one of the top 2 gift cards with the highest rates in Nigeria. Whether you get Steam gift card as a gift or it has just been lying around, it’s a good move to exchange for cash.

Another factor contributing to Steam gift card’s popularity is its redemption purpose. Steam gift card was issued by Valve to make purchases seamless on the

platform. Steam gift card can be used to redeem games, software, hardware, and other virtual items.

2. Apple Gift Card

Apple gift card is popular in Nigeria and this can be attributed to its well-known issuing brand. Apple products like iPhones and Macbooks are widely used by Nigerians for its simplicity to use and aesthetics.

Apple gift card preloaded with enough amount can be used to redeem gadgets like iPads, Airpods, Apple watch, etc. Apple gift card exists in denominations like $25,

$50, $100, $200, and others.

When you redeem Apple gift card for cash on any Nigerian gift card trading platform, you can expect a good return. Apple gift card is one of the gift cards you can never regret choosing to trade for naira.

3. Razer Gold Gift Card

Razer Gold gift card is a preloaded gift card used by gamers as a virtual currency to redeem games, mobile credits, gaming laptops, peripherals, etc.

You can use it to purchase popular games like God of War Ragnarok, Elden Ring, PUBG, and Persona 5 Royal. Do you also know that you can use Razer Gold gift cards to buy gift cards like Google Play gift cards.

The popular gift card trading platform in Nigeria, Nosh, offers the best rates for all kinds of gift cards including Razer Gold gift cards. Currently, you can redeem a $100 US Razer Gold gift card (Physical) on Nosh for NGN105,000.

4. Google Play Gift Card

Google Play gift card is another hot gift card with a high rate on the Nosh platform. Whether you are trading the physical or Google Play Ecode, you will be trading at the best rate available on the internet. The US Google Play gift card and UK Google Play gift card categories have the best rates compared to other categories.

5. Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift card is a popular gifting option worldwide. This is due to the wide range of items you can use to redeem at Amazon. They include but are not limited to clothing, jewelry, home equipment, electronics, and groceries.

Got paid with an Amazon gift card as a freelancer or got it as a gift from your friend abroad? You can swiftly convert Amazon gift cards for cash in Nigeria. Gift card trading platforms like Nosh save the day.

6. Visa Gift Card

Due to high demand, Visa gift card makes it to the top list of popular gift cards in Nigeria.

Visa gift card can be used to redeem items or make purchases anywhere as long as they accept it as a payment option. This includes supermarkets, retail stores, filling stations, online websites, etc.

You can exchange Visa gift card for cash on Nosh. At the moment, a $100 Visa gift card can be traded for NGN96,000.

7. Footlocker Gift Card

Footlocker gift card is one of the gift cards with the highest resale value in Nigeria. Footlocker gift card comes in both physical and Ecode forms and they can both be traded for cash. You can sell Footlocker gift cards at the rate of NGN1020 on Nosh.

Where To Redeem Popular Gift Cards In Nigeria

Nosh is the best gift card trading app in Nigeria to sell gift cards for cash. The first step you need to take is to download the mobile app and create an account for cash. You can start trading gift cards at no cost on the platform. Trade gift cards at the best rates on Nosh. Enjoy a seamless trade, swift transaction, secured transaction, and 24/7 customer support.

How To Redeem Gift Card In Nigeria

With the following outlined steps, you can sell gift card in Nigeria with Nosh:

1. Create an account on the Nosh website or mobile app.

2. Sign in to your account and hit “Sell Gift Card” on the dashboard.

3. Choose your gift card category and subcategory.

4. Type in the amount and select your payout currency i.e. naira.

5. Enter the gift card code or upload the gift card images.

When you submit your trade for review, your account will instantly credited once approved.


In summary, the top 7 most popular gift cards to redeem in Nigeria include Steam, Amazon, Apple, Google Play, Razer Gold, Visa, and Footlocker gift cards.

All these gift cards and more occupy the top list of gift cards with the highest rates on the Nosh platform.

Visit the Nosh website today and start enjoying the #Topnosh experience.

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