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TI12 Qualifiers Scandal: Chinese language Groups accused of “322” match-fixing

The mud from Team Spirit’s spectacular walk through The Worldwide 2023 (TI12) could factual be settling in, nonetheless Dota 2’s premier esports tournament is wait on within the solutions. This time, nonetheless, it has been marred by allegations of “322” match-fixing sharp three Chinese language teams: Team Appealing, Team Disillusion, and Holy Grail. The alleged scandal became once first and foremost reported on the ‘CN Dota In A Nutshell’ Twitter account, citing a video by JieChuGe, a prominent caster within the Chinese language Dota 2 scene.

Dota 2 Match-Fixing Allegations by Chinese language caster, JieChuGe

What brings further credibility to JieChuGe’s allegations became once that earlier in 2023, he became once instrumental in disqualifying 46 avid gamers from teams relish EHOME and Knights for same offenses. His most up-to-date investigation entails onerous proof against Holy Grail the set up he releases some in-game teach comms of the individuals of the group. Right here, they’re clearly heard discussing match-fixing programs at some stage in a game within the TI12 qualifiers.

JieChuGe, who exposed KNIGHTS and helped PerfectWorld and Valve made that fifty CN and SEA avid gamers ban checklist. He recently exposed HG for match fixing and agree with already yelp them to PerfectWorld, ESL and Valve.

— CN Dota In A Nutshell (@Tr1H4rd3rDota2) November 13, 2023

Additionally, the avid gamers will even be heard discussing what to total in case they’re caught, which entails even threatening the individuals that exposed them.

Supply: The Worldwide 2023 / Valve

Decent Response and Player Involvement

That’s no longer all, as the proof means that Team Disillusion and Team Appealing could moreover merely were all in favour of the “322” match-fixing blueprint as effectively.  JieChuGe has forwarded the proof to organizations relish Ultimate World, ESL, and Valve. There has been no knowledgeable response but, though. The avid gamers allegedly all in favour of the scandal consist of:

  • Tang “Summer season” Kaiwen (Holy Grail)
  • Gan “GaN” Hou Articulate (Holy Grail)
  • Hu “dolem” Sen (Holy Grail)
  • Duan “Dqq” Songjun (Holy Grail)
  • Wang “sj” Sijie (Holy Grail)
  • Lu “L’enfer, c’est les autres” Yubin (Team Disillusion)
  • Liew “Eren” Jun Jie (Team Disillusion)
  • Chen “Little.Kk” Zhichao (Team Disillusion)
  • Wang “AYuNiD” Wei (Team Disillusion)
  • Li “RanFuDao” Xinyuan (Team Disillusion)
  • Li “Undyne_” Qiancheng (Team Appealing)
  • Hu “Upon a Time.” Xin (Team Appealing)
  • Yuan “phoenix” Cewei (Team Appealing)
  • Li “Irving” Jian (Team Appealing)
  • Chen “imitator” Ren (Team Appealing)

The three teams all confronted every diversified within the qualifier’s decrease bracket. Team Appealing, nonetheless, within the terminate rising victorious against the fan favorites, Team Aster.

JieChuGe explaining the 322 match-fixing case for Dota 2 on his Bilibili channel

JieChuGe explaining the match-fixing case on his Bilibili channel

The Bigger Image: Match-Fixing in Dota 2

JieChuGe’s track yelp in exposing match-fixing is what makes these allegations extraordinarily credible. This scandal comes amid concerns about the declining declare of the Chinese language Dota 2 scene. Significantly, the illustration of Chinese language teams at The Worldwide has diminished drastically, from five teams at TI10 to most attention-grabbing two at TI12.

Critical Chinese language participant Yang “Chalice” Shenyi has publicly spoken about the explanations at the wait on of this decline. He attributed it to a failing knowledgeable competition system and a scarcity of motion from organizations relish PerfectWorld and Valve. He warns that this would moreover lead to reduced investment in Chinese language Dota 2 and a doubtless downfall of the set up of dwelling’s esports scene.

It stays to be seen how Ultimate World, ESL, and Valve react to the allegations.

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