This Week in Games

This Week in Games

Welcome reduction, of us! As you in all likelihood seen, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes came out earlier this week. It be a stress-free time, as that you would be able to look in my overview of it. It be advance to my consideration that there are some efficiency components with the game; the Swap version runs in actuality poorly (it’s my understanding that the Acquire & Rabbit team did now not even mediate the Swap would possibly maybe well perhaps bustle Eiyuden Chronicle). I feel substandard for my Swap chums. Additionally, there are about a bugs in the game appealing recruitment and the scoring for indubitably one of the most cooking contests. I’m no longer one to diminish these issues—compose no mistake, I hope they’re patched out. Nonetheless I feel admire the weird system faults reduction sell the “formidable PS1 RPG” vibe plot more. Care for, I would no longer desire Eiyuden Chronicle to bustle worse if it did now not contain the system faults, however it indubitably all makes me deem how the instantaneous-wreck strikes in Breath of Fire II by no plot did something else on account of they had been glitched. Additionally, popular reader b-dragon changed into as soon as nice enough to share a recruitment recordsdata, which I mediate will advance in at hand for somebody attempting to recruit the titular hundred heroes.

This is…

Art by Catfish

Niantic Updates Pokémon Streak Models, Discourse Ensues

Final week, I touched on about a of the graphical updates done in Final Delusion XIV; long fable immediate, the fresh engine previewed in the benchmark test had about a peccadilloes with its lighting engine, so other folks’s avatars came out taking a leer a chunk washed out and stupid. As indubitably one of my readers pointed out, around final week’s column going dwell, Sq. Enix issued an announcement addressing the matter and confirming that they had been engaged on fixes. Across the same time, Niantic rolled out some updates for his or her avatars, resembling fresh customization alternate choices.

The alternate choices encompass a smattering of major features that ravishing considerable any persona creator worth its salt offers by default: as nicely as to a handful of preset body varieties, there are sliders for making improvements to your avatar’s height, body corpulent, or shoulder or hip width. And these are precise additions! Heck, Phantasy Well-known person Online had these features plot reduction in 2000. Extra alternate choices for persona customization are by no plot a substandard addition.

Nonetheless things went sideways.

The alternate choices are there, they veritably work, however the outcomes, even after a lot of effort, left other folks’s avatars taking a leer relatively gormless and doughy. Feminine avatars derive it the worst: the old units had very cinched waists (which additionally emphasized their boobs, modest as they had been). The fresh sliders’ proportions are life like, however they however recede females taking a leer a chunk square. Other folks are understandably dissatisfied on account of as old as Pokémon Streak is, some of us contain invested a lot of cash in heavenly equipment for his or her avatars, and it’s a shame that everyone appears admire they’re having an allergy to shellfish.

If that had been the terminate of it, nicely, that will well perhaps be beautiful. Games feature updates that atomize things the overall time. It be simply a fraction of dwell provider games. And in most cases the pre-change variations will even be more nicely-liked by followers; going reduction to Final Delusion XIV, of us mourned the old low-poly grapes (a.k.a., “squapes”) being as a lot as date to leer much less… polygonal. Nonetheless it wasn’t the terminate of things, and of us contain raised discourse about the updates. A contingent of Avid gamers™ contain raised components with females in games “being gruesome”; there contain been complaints about how females leer in AAA games. Now, the argument is ravishing imprecise on its face, which is how any other folks admire it. Peaceful, realistically, that is a case of other folks being infected at Horizon: Zero Dawn, Spider-Man 2, and the upcoming Well-known person Wars: Outlaws for the manner they’ve portrayed their lead actresses and how the outcomes are allegedly “gruesome.” It boils all of the manner down to their weirdly pronounced jaws or a girl who grew up in a post-apocalyptic environment with peach fuzz and no makeup.

A lot of the complaints about the updates in Pokémon Streak namely contain resulted in many customers being overtly transphobic. Other folks contain blamed it on Niantic HQ being in California on account of California is a boogeyman to other folks for some motive (ignoring how California has been a hotbed of game studios for ages). It doesn’t reduction that a lot of the examples other folks share are intentionally made in substandard religion. I derive that the fresh units leer doughy, however in case your model has chunky shoulders, it’s on account of you designed it that plot. Don’t blame Niantic for the manner far you progress the slider around.

There are many things immoral with the game industry that we followers would possibly maybe well perhaps maybe produce more about. Layoffs are rampant from every firm, no matter what number of hugely a hit games they liberate or what number of mergers they compose. Creatives lose their IPs to corporate corpulent-cats who squat on the rights with no greater ambition than simply that. Developer burnout is a considerable anxiousness. Extinct games are vanishing from derive precise of entry to faster than we can retailer them. If of us must terminate some definite alternate, there’s heaps they can work on.

The post I shared earlier from MsRoscoeFierce—she later adopted up on her tweet, hoping that Niantic “improves the units and the customization so that everyone can feel represented and feel satisfied.” And I hope so, too. Her response on the matter illustrates something that many other folks neglect: for all of the millions upon millions of of us that play Pokémon, the anxiousness here is that the sliders leer “off”—no longer that they exist in the critical space. As it appears, audiences admire seeing themselves in games.

Comedy Central Publicizes Golden Axe Comic strip

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph H. Christ, someone remembered that Sega has properties that are now not Sonic The Hedgehog. Longtime Sega followers would possibly maybe well perhaps additionally take into account Golden Axe, Sega‘s fantasy beat-’em-up series living in a Conan The Barbarian-esque fantasy world of swordsmen, amazons, dwarves, and dinosaurs. Golden Axe saw a lot of games in both arcades and on the Sega Genesis, along with an RPG on the Game Tools, a match fighter on the Sega Saturn, and… in actuality, that is set it. Care for Sega‘s many various properties, Golden Axe fell off moderately precipitously because the fresh millennium rolled around. There changed into as soon as Golden Axe: Beast Rider in 2008, which starred the series’ amazon Tirys Flare, however that one did now not shuffle over completely. Successfully, no series is simply too old or deserted to adapt to a comedy series, lawful?

An interesting ‘GOLDEN AXE’ series is in the works.

Matthew Rhys, Danny Pudi, Lisa Gilroy, Liam McIntyre, and Carl Tart is fragment of the bellow solid.

— DiscussingFilm (@DiscussingFilm) April 17, 2024

In a odd twist, Comedy Central picked up Golden Axe for an grownup comedy series. Brooding about we dwell in a world where now we contain two very precise Sonic The Hedgehog movies (and more and more studios seem to be eyeing video games because the fresh pony to tear to loss of life now that superheroes are getting a dinky bit frail out), it’s far no longer too weird to are trying to make a selection up Golden Axe. And but, I in actuality contain some misgivings. Making Golden Axe a comedy is a novel rob. Sure, most Golden Axe followers would seemingly desire a gritty, violent motion series along the lines of Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal, however additionally, it’s far no longer admire Golden Axe necessarily has the rich lore and worldbuilding that will lend itself to the kind of excessive-thought series. It be a bunch of 80s-motion-movie-stereotype-encumbered games that espouse mowing down waves of mud-lined goons to wrestle a huge, buff dude named Death Adder, who has a Golden Axe. Heck, Death Adder himself is proof of how far Golden Axe has fallen. A giant, imposing man named freaking Death Adder must be a memorable resolve as a villain. And but, he’s bland as an antagonist. It be a diminutive surprise Cream The Rabbit is no longer apprehensive of him.

So if we cannot rob considerable of Golden Axe severely, lean into the goofiness of all of it. Crack wise about Ax Battler having to grease his pecs up outdated to battle. Stride some stress-free at Gillius Thunderhead being a playable persona when he’s a geriatric old man with a beard. The substandard man falls precise into a dino-poop, a standard element of physical comedy—then some charming background characters throw their heads reduction and chortle. My handiest precise anxiousness is that this being an Grownup Comedy Comic strip, with all the pieces that entails: wiggly elegant, unending rambling moderately than precise humor, “Successfully, that simply came about”-dialogue. I’m able to hope we derive something smarter than that. No notice but on when Golden Axe: The TV Sequence drops, however they’ve already bought the solid living, so let’s wait and look, I reveal?

Kazuma Kaneko Leaves Atlus

It be continuously a bummer when an artist carefully tied to a series must recede it. It be laborious to accept as true with Xenoblade Chronicles without Masatsugu Saitō‘s persona designs. As an Izuna fan, I’m stoked for the fresh produce, however additionally a dinky bit dissatisfied Yoshida-On is no longer around to address the artwork—although the vibe wasn’t moderately what the game changed into as soon as admire, the distinctive veil artwork equipped a vibe. So it’s that a favorite Japanese RPG studio finds itself shedding indubitably one of the most visionaries in the assist of it. Final week, recordsdata broke that artist Kazuma Kaneko, simplest is assumed as the artist in the assist of the Shin Megami Tensei series, changed into as soon as leaving Atlus after 35 years.

For what it’s worth, Kaneko is no longer retiring—his departure from Atlus coincided with his joining a brand fresh studio, COLOPL. In an interview, Kaneko explained that he wanted to living out and contain of mission to compose his pick up IP. And a diminutive surprise: Kazuma Kaneko has the skills. His demon designs from Shin Megami Tensei are the definition of “timeless.” At the same time, he’s simplest known for his very popular-taking a leer designs from the ’90s onwards, with demons demonstrating a artful combination of folkloric references and bleeding-edge trend produce. Even his older designs from the 1980s feel timeless. Pixie, who’s had a ton of designs throughout the years in traipse-offs admire Devil Summoner or Soul Hackers, veritably comes reduction to the produce Kaneko initially threw out for Shin Megami Tensei 1. (And it’s far no longer even her popular produce!)

The design back is that COLOPL is a game studio that works on games that comprises “the most fresh applied sciences.” Translation: it’s blockchain crap. I compose no longer rob this to imply that Kaneko is some “Internet 3.0” evangelist. The unhappy truth is that game trend is in a tough plight, even in Japan. You in most cases is a resolve known industry-wide admire Kaneko, however the funding wished to derive some mission off the ground would possibly maybe well perhaps still be out of your attain by virtue of simply how considerable cash it would possibly maybe well maybe rob. So, a lot of of us produce the evident thing: they downsize in scale to mobile projects. On this case, which plot “blockchain game.” It be a crying shame. Abet in Puerto Rico, the phrase for a anxiousness admire that is “Esto llora ante los ojos de Dios” (“this cries outdated to God’s very eyes”).

Treasured dinky else is considerable about Kaneko’s additional projects. We’re hoping for the most efficient for the man. A talented artist admire him deserves to contain the ground upward push to fulfill him when funding any game. Cooking sim, phonebook simulator, heck, even a clicker game—something else is more healthy than crypto-stuff.

… An old Persona 3 Fling-Off Is Restored…

Let’s reduction the Atlus recordsdata going! We care about game preservation here at This Week in Games, and that is the reason a touchy area on account of that doesn’t simply shuffle for console releases—it goes for mobile games, too. A goodly chunk of gaming history is misplaced to mobile games being taken offline or games now no longer nicely matched with present dapper instrument units. Sure, this would well perhaps additionally encompass weird stuff admire Flappy Bird, however about a of these will even be somewhat major! Earlier than Disaster: Final Delusion VII changed into as soon as fragment of The Compilation of Final Delusion VII, and the present Final Delusion VII remakes are referencing characters and region features established in that game, however Sq. Enix by no plot made it on hand on American telephones. Persona 3 had one such game: a cell cellphone game starring Aigis, everyone’s favourite ditzy gun-fingered gynoid. And it appears Japanese studio G-mode has resurrected it for followers!

Titled Persona 3: Aigis The First Mission, the game features Aigis in 1999, combating shadows on Yakushima Island long outdated to she encounters S.E.E.S. It be a straightforward motion game where you have to always utilize a handful of weapons and talents to gun down shadows. Aigis The First Mission represents G-mode‘s one hundredth title, as they’ve a long history of monitoring down and archiving old cell cellphone games. They’ve already rescued about a various Shin Megami Tensei games, admire the Persona: Be Simply Your Mind traipse-off Ikuu no Tou Fowl.

G-mode plans to liberate Aigis The First Mission both on Nintendo Swap and Steam. Entirely the Steam port, nonetheless, will be launched worldwide. Oh, and it will now not contain an English translation. Good’s shapely, I mediate; it’s vast that they’re archiving this game and making it on hand to followers worldwide, however I accept as true with translating it would possibly maybe well be a chunk beyond their ability, if no longer budget-wise, then technologically. I imply, it’s an extinct cell cellphone game. The object maybe runs off of some antediluvian version of Java. Per chance some packrat accessible in the world has a jerry-rigged scheme that can crack it and add some English to the game, however for now, G-mode has done heaps. This is hoping they can put more old cellphone games.

… In the meantime, News Breaks on Metaphor: ReFantazio

I admit, I changed into as soon as a chunk suspicious of Metaphor: ReFantazio when it changed into as soon as first launched. Feeble Persona director Katsura Hashino changed into as soon as responsible of it, and the artwork is terribly considerable in Shigenori Soejima‘s vogue. Don’t derive me immoral; I love Soejima’s work—I imply, contain you seen his Aigis artwork? I imply, in actuality seen it. I know Minato Arisato as soon as I look him, and nicely, that you would be able to give him a circlet, however Minato is still Minato.


© Atlus 2024

We are going to advance reduction around to Minato. Anyway, I’ve advance around on Metaphor, and no longer a moment too rapidly: now we contain a confirmed commence date! Metaphor: ReFantazio arrives on October 11. A snazzy trailer provides a lot of sizzle for this steak.

That will be Minato, however holy crap, are they getting every final tumble of juice out of Shigenori Soejima‘s artwork for this game’s shapely menus.

Atlus additionally hosted a clear showcase earlier this week for Metaphor: ReFantazio, breaking down its mechanics and systems. In immediate, this game is seemingly Atlus‘s huge tentpole liberate for his or her Thirty fifth anniversary. You play as a young man who enters a competition to be crowned king of the land. The area is divided between the haves and contain-nots, forcing you to produce a lot of legwork to compose the approval of all aspects. This additionally involves several various tribes of fantasy of us it’s major to sway to your living off. Then again, there is a closing date at work—and also you commute to various areas to your legged ship, the Gauntlet Runner. It be even doubtless to search around the commute in exact-time. So gamers must conscientiously reflect what quests to undertake and which ones to let drop by the wayside to maximize their time.

The “Archetype” scheme is no longer simply the Persona scheme with a brand fresh name; it’s Metaphor: ReFantazio‘s job scheme. Every Archetype takes the make of a shriek hero, however each and every persona’s archetype will even be personalized to swimsuit their person desires. There will be a flip-based exclusively mostly wrestle scheme, however it indubitably’s additionally doubtless to hack and reduce at enemies in exact time to skip battles. You compose your Archetype’s skills through a Social Hyperlink-esque scheme wherein partaking and interacting with other folks “evokes” fresh skills to your Archetype. The upside is that this plot that Metaphor: ReFantazio‘s Social Links are now not strictly romantic. The design back is that there’s still that vast closing date dangling over all the pieces.


© Atlus 2024

With Metaphor: ReFantazio being Atlus‘s huge Thirty fifth-anniversary mission, they’re pulling out the overall stops for the game’s Collector’s Version. It has the same old goodies: maps, costume DLC, and a steel book. Nonetheless what caught my locate had been the digital artbook and soundtrack; both feature artwork stretching reduction across Atlus‘s 35-year-long history. I ponder how considerable of Atlus‘s fable is in Metaphor: ReFantazio? Is it a metaphor for Atlus‘s properties, showcasing the Persona series’ upward push to popularity and glory from relative obscurity on the worth of Atlus‘s various games? The jury’s out; it’s plot too rapidly to expose (though making your protagonist Minato Arisato and giving him a Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne Pixie with a dye-job is nicely turning about a gears). Avid gamers can wait for Metaphor: ReFantazio on Steam, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Sequence X|S this October 11.

Let’s wrap up with some swiftly tidbits

  • There’ll be a Shiren the Wanderer exhibition in Akihabara starting up April 27. Sequence artist Kaoru Hasegawa will additionally be present, doing a dwell drawing. There’ll additionally be a ton of merch accessible on the market, along with replica pouches designed to leer admire Gitan baggage, posters of artwork for the person games, and replicas of entice switches.
  • Hello, it’s Mega Man Zero 3‘s twentieth anniversary! In honor of the event, series artist Tōru Nakayama has some artwork of Cubit Foxtar on their Twitter.
  • It be additionally the Thirty fifth anniversary of Bandai Namco’s The Myth of Valkyrie. Unlit Lagoon creator Rie Hiroe additionally has some artwork of Valkyrie as a lot as contain a great time.
  • Snowboard Adolescence followers, I feel your fret! At the least Atlus and Fangamer contain joined as a lot as liberate a vinyl album of Snowboard Adolescence music. This is me hoping Snowboard Adolescence followers contain their minute miracle rapidly—there hasn’t been a Snowboard Adolescence game since 2005’s SBK: Snowboard Adolescence on the DS…
  • Carry out you contain chums? Would you admire to no longer contain chums anymore? Did you will need more Dokapon to your lifestyles after Dokapon Kingdom Join? Then precise recordsdata: the Japan-odd PS1 title Dokapon: Ikari no Tekken is coming to Nintendo Swap! No notice but on a US liberate…
  • Hatsune Miku: The Planet Of Wonder And Fragments Of Needs had a stealth commence on Steam and Xbox earlier this week. It be on hand at a great buy except Might maybe additionally Fifth!
  • That’ll produce it for this week, I mediate. We touched on some moderately polemic issues this week; I would possibly maybe well perhaps additionally admire to remind somebody to hit the comments that I compose no longer stand for abuse, bigotry, or habits in substandard religion. Gaming is set bringing other folks collectively and exploring fresh areas and suggestions, and it continuously has been. The of us which contain made our games advance from all walks of lifestyles: from Roberta Williams and “Phoenix Rie” Rieko Kodama to John Romero Nasir Gebelli and Gerald Anderson Lawson. You compose no longer contain any enemies. No person in the world is your enemy. There would possibly maybe be no person it’s major to hurt. Contact grass, eat a hot pretzel, and smell the plant life. It be springtime, it’s shapely accessible. Be precise to each and every various, I’m going to search around you in seven.

    This Week In Games! is written from idyllic Portland by Jean-Karlo Lemus. When no longer participating with Anime News Community, Jean-Karlo will even be stumbled on taking half in JRPGs, eating popcorn, watching v-tubers, and tokusatsu. You would possibly well perhaps maybe additionally reduction up with him at @mouse_inhouse or

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