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The Neighborhood Spotlight 2023.11.04


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Let's uncover this number as high as imaginable!
Let’s uncover this number as high as imaginable!

Welcome to the most up-to-date model of the Giant Bomb Neighborhood Spotlight! I, @zombiepie am as soon as another time honored to be your host as we explore relief at the solely community efforts from the outdated week.

Nonetheless, earlier than we uncover into that, there’s no denying that the mammoth news this week is that Giant Bomb’s Further Life 2023 programming has BEGUN! For these of you fervent on what’s being streamed, when, and the set apart, hold a hold a examine the AMAZING article TurboShawn printed on the residence! The ultimate demand that plenty of you hold is when the workers Further Life streams will take hold of location, so here’s the belief:

  • Saturday, November 11th
    • 9AM-3PM Eastern: Grubb & Pals
    • 3PM-3AM Eastern: Giant Bomb West ft. GameSpot Pals
  • Saturday, November 18th
    • 12PM-8PM Eastern: Giant Bomb Midwest ft. The Windbag – Are living from the Dancave

For November 3-5 the residence will likely be operating community-based fully charity streams that you just likely can even explore and strengthen in chat! Also, don’t ignore the question and pledging mission we now hold with each Further Life, which is to be clear that that that all americans on the team has as a minimal one donation! Appropriate now, the team is 55 members solid, however we now hold 14 other folks with their donation pages silent hovering at $0. So, if imaginable, please crawl to Crew Net page and send even a minute donation to these pages.

And take into account, Further Life 2023 donation pages defend active unless the finish of the yr! So, if you likely cannot donate at this time or even this month, you hold unless December 31st, 2023 to send to your cherish and appreciation!

Involving on to the non-Further Life news, the recent podcast supplemental to the Giant Bombcast came out this week. For other folks that ignored it, every Friday, it is doubtless you’ll possibly uncover a podcast titled “R” or “Revengeance.” This podcast will likely be centered on one particular matter or will proceed discussions from the predominant podcast that would no longer be carried out due to the NDAs or various responsibilities. This recent manufacturing is no longer a substitute of the predominant Bombcast, and the trendy length will likely be 60 to 90 minutes. Also, the members of this podcast will likely be a rotation.

Giant Bomb’s Further Life 2023 Data

It be time to bear some magic occur!
It be time to bear some magic occur!

If you occur to are unable to stream in some unspecified time in the future of “Sport Day” or this weekend, don’t be troubled. It is doubtless you’ll possibly possibly likely also stream any day, so don’t be troubled about it.

Also, to someone streaming for Giant Bomb’s Further Life team, be elated to add me to your announcement Tweets by tagging me. On Twitter I am @GBDudersFeed, and for these attempting an different, I am @gbdudersfeed.bsky.social on Bluesky.

Speaking of which, if you uncover pleasure from this Spotlight feature and my actions on social media, please withhold in mind donating to my Further Life web enlighten. No worries if you likely cannot donate!

  • Giant Bomb’s Further Life 2023 Crew Net page – JOIN NOW!
  • Giant Bomb Further Life Updated Article – Has EVERYTHING about the residence’s plans for the following three weeks!
  • Giant Bomb’s Particular particular person Donation Net page – Donate HERE in some unspecified time in the future of the predominant Giant Bomb Further Life Streams!
  • Giant Bomb’s Further Life 2023 Announcement Thread – Now being up up to now DAILY with particulars!
  • Dan Ryckert (Giant Bomb Staffer) – DONATION GOAL OF $7,440
  • Shawn McDowell (Giant Bomb Social Media & Crew Captain) – DONATION GOAL OF $100
  • ZombiePie (That’s ME!) – DONATION GOAL OF $1,000



Unsanctioned Unofficial Sport Pass Sport Membership Balloting Thread For Cycle Starting November 6, 2023 (By: @bigsocrates)


It be time for one other wave of vote casting for Giant Bomb’s Sport Pass Sport Membership! Right here are the nominees and don’t neglect that you just likely can even VOTE FOR TWO GAMES after you click on the hyperlink above and tumble a comment!

Ghost Music Is The twenty third Choice Of Year 2 Of The UUGPGC! Raise out By November 6, 2023. Sign All Spoilers! (By: @bigsocrates)

Don’t ignore the most most up-to-date SPOOKY make a selection for the Sport Pass Sport Membership, Ghost Music! If you occur to hope to join the early dialogue of the game, here you crawl!

Art work

Blight Membership – Model 2.0 (By: @jearum)

Now that we now hold considered Grubb uncover monstrous to the bone, jearum made up our minds to develop a short “edit” of their Blight Membership Superfriends banner! On the least the Comely Pals now hold any individual with an improbable pompadour.

No Caption Supplied


I Purchased My Mech Fix From A Pokémon Clone On The Neo Geo Pocket Color As a substitute Of Armored Core VI And I Don’t Feel sorry about It! (By: @zombiepie)

It be time to dispute about Pokémon clones!
It be time to dispute about Pokémon clones!

In resolution to getting their mech fix by taking part in Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon, moderator ZombiePie made up our minds to hold a hold a examine Biomotor Unitron on the Neo Geo Pocket Color! Learn why they ended up loving it extra than they anticipated and why they miss handhelds.

All Saturn Games In Relate: June 1996 (Part 1) (By: @borgmaster)

It is time for a shuttle down memory lane with borgmaster as they proceed their quest to play each Saturn recreation that came out! This week they talk about Virtual Delivery Tennis, NBA Motion, Primal Rage, and MORE!

What is the Greatest Video Sport: By myself within the Darkish: The Original Nightmare (By: @imunbeatable80)

Search at these faces!
Search at these faces!

This model of imunbeatable80’s “What is the Perfect Video Sport” blog series tackles By myself within the Darkish: The Original Nightmare! Raise out they hold got theories as to why this didn’t reboot the By myself within the Darkish series? Learn to uncover!

The Turning into: Dehumanisation in Scorn (By: @gamer_152)

If you occur to ignored it, moderator Gamer_152 wrote an AMAZING essay about Scorn and the ways in which it atmospherically depicts the breakdown of machinery and how that leads to dehumanization, slightly literally. SPOILER WARNING!

AtheistPreacher’s Favourite Games of 2023 (By: @atheistpreacher)

AtheistPreacher is fully confident that the remaining games which hold but to draw relief out will excite them the least bit. So, they made up our minds to submit their 2023 GOTY blog on Giant Bomb fashionably early!

64 in 64: Episode 35 + Indie Sport of the Week 344: Guacamelee! 2 (By: @mento)

Infrequently I in truth don't know the arrangement Mento does it.
Infrequently I in truth don’t know the arrangement Mento does it.

Moderator Mento has a brand recent model of their “64 in 64” series the set apart they work to play each N64 recreation however solely in 64 minutes. This week, they performed Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls and Nushi Tsuri 64: Shiokaze ni Notte!

Additionally, Mento has a brand recent model of their “Indie Sport of the Week” feature and this one tackles Guacamelee! 2! Raise out they snarl it is a ways an enchancment over the predominant? Learn to uncover!

Discussion Threads

Mute Hill Ascension Can also Be The Worst Share Of “Entertainment” Of 2023 (By: @bigsocrates)


The beginning of Mute Hill Ascension has been a catastrophe and that’s striking it calmly. What develop you bear of the recent direct with the game’s dwell chat, micro transactions, and handling of the Mute Hill title?

WarTales 1.0 And Sport Pass Free up Discussion Thread (By: @allthedinos)

Wartales is now out of Sport Pass! What number of hold already checked out this memoir begin world RPG? How plenty of you intend to give it a shot now that it is a ways on Sport Pass? Join the community dialogue on the residence by clicking the hyperlink above!

New Atari Has the same opinion To Effect Digital Eclipse, Which Employs A Infamous Blinker (By: @bigsocrates)

What develop you're thinking that the long crawl entails for Future 2?
What develop you’re thinking that the long crawl entails for Future 2?

Atari is procuring Digital Eclipse Plot, Inc.! Did this news win you ? Raise out you’re thinking that their draw of banking on the retro and remaster recreation market, especially alive to on their aquire of Nightdive, has legs?

Microsoft Ends Its ‘Hands-Off’ Management Of Zenimax; Bethesda, Arkane, identification, and Tango Must Chronicle Projects To Matt Booty (By: @zombiepie)

An internal memo from Phil Spencer printed that Microsoft’s ‘hands-off’ management model of ZeniMax is coming to an finish. Raise out you’re thinking that here’s goal news for studios worship identification Plot, Tango Gameworks, Bethesda Softworks, and Arkane Studios?

The Layoff Wave Hits Bungie (By: @bigsocrates)

Soundless amazed that Rage 2 is in this banner.
Soundless amazed that Rage 2 is in this banner.

What is every person’s reactions to the offered layoffs which hold hit hundreds at Bungie? What develop you specialize within the timing or nature of the layoffs? Would you welcome extra worker advocacy and unionization?

Ubisoft Delays Cranium & Bones… AGAIN! (By: @monkeyking1969)

So… Ubisoft delayed Cranium & Bones AGAIN and which draw it is time to revive Giant Bomb’s thread discussing what could possibly also goal be in a location to be happening with the game and if we can ever believe it draw out for valid. Share your suggestions over here!


Favorites of 2013 (By: @naptimesleeper)

What would YOUR 2013 GOTY list explore worship at this time?
What would YOUR 2013 GOTY list explore worship at this time?

Whereas most other folks are mulling over their 2023 GOTY alternatives, NapTimeSleeper made up our minds to switch relief a decade and re-snarl their GOTY list from 2013! It be an full of life procedure. So, if you worship the procedure that, withhold in mind making your have confidence model!


No Caption Supplied

@pauljeremiah is plumbing the depths of questionable tie-in games with a review of Jumper: Griffin’s Story! Raise out you even take into account the 2008 film, let by myself its video recreation tie-in?

@pauljeremiah’s Pleasing Sword review articulates why he considers it a “inaccurate gem.” Learn in his review about why he silent thinks its world and manufacturing values delay, despite the indisputable truth that the gameplay falls attempting its initial promise!

Wikis Of The Week

WarioWare: Refined Moves

The gold long-established for the franchise? You describe me.
The gold long-established for the franchise? You describe me.

With Dan the utilization of WarioWare: Switch It! to usher what I will solely relate as the solely UPF this yr, let’s throw things relief to WarioWare: Refined Moves. It is a recreation many WarioWare fans silent withhold in mind the solely within the series. What makes it so goal? Verify out our wiki web enlighten to uncover!

Giant Bomb Sport of the Year Awards

Hold you ever ever puzzled which games won your whole “Most efficient Styyyyle” awards over time? Or if your whole “Please Cease” winners in truth…stopped? Discovering all of that info is no longer very easy due to the it being scattered between the GB forums, Resetera, Reddit, and in various locations. And plenty damaged hyperlinks makes it even extra demanding… unless now.

No Caption Supplied

Marino has built a hub appropriate here on the wiki containing literally everything you likely can even goal be in a location to hope to know from the 15-yr history of Giant Bomb’s GOTY. The predominant hub has listings of every award that’s been given a pair of instances as successfully as every workers member’s #1 picks. Nonetheless, there is now a web enlighten for every yr personally that has a fat breakdown of every winner and runner-up as successfully as goal appropriate hyperlinks to free variations of every podcast, video, and article from every yr.

Verify it out in preparation for the 16th annual awards, which will likely be starting sooner than you likely can snarl.

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