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Tekken 8’s final launch personality existing is Reina

Tekken 8 may possibly honest no longer be launching till January, but Bandai Namco announced the thirty second and final combatant of the game’s roster on the present time. Girls folk and gentlemen, enter the acrobatic Taido specialist, Reina.

Tekken 8 Director Kohei Ikeda took to the PlayStation Weblog to part how the personality went from conception to fact. Bandai Namco also dropped a recent Tekken 8 trailer on the present time showcasing the mysterious fighter’s ability space.

The trailer opens with Reina sitting on a throne of kinds sooner than the nickname “Purple Lighting” is emblazoned all the plan by strategy of the camouflage. You snappy conception why the moniker is fitting.

We conception flashy snippets of bouts versus Feng, Hwoarang, Jun, Xiaoyu, Leroy, and Lars. All of whom are with out disaster dispatched with a flurry of flips and kicks. Series lead Jin Kazama then steps in to existing basically the most contemporary entrant some manners.

Heihachi’s protégé

As that is a Reina trailer, that doesn’t exactly work out for Jin. But it’s here that we catch a tease as to what Reina’s space is in Tekken 8‘s story. Jin asks “Who’re you…?” To which Reina playfully replies “Jin senapai. We in the end contain our probability to strive against!” Because the two characters launch as much as strive against, Reina with out disaster disposes of Jin with a ambitious space of assaults and combos.

While Reina’s heritage is a purposeful mystery at this point, it’s value throwing accessible that Purple Lightning could be a telling nickname. Using lightning is moderately of a calling card for contributors of the Mishima household of fighters. And when Kazuya enters the trailer after Jin, there’s an obvious distaste for thought to be one of the most overarching villains of the Tekken series. The duo even leads with what appears to be opposing lightning assaults as their bout begins. And there may possibly honest even be a tease of the recent personality possessing the Satan Gene that plagues among the series’ most important fighters.

In Kohei Ikeda’s blog post, he indicates that Reina “plays an awfully crucial characteristic in Tekken 8’s story”. Ikeda also teases that the personality “exudes a charismatic sense of sinister, reflecting her personality’s duality in each and each persona and preventing vogue.” So this would maybe remain unclear till the game launches which side of this household feud the personality falls in line with (if any), but the implication indubitably leans in opposition to Reina being a skill lacking heir of Heihachi Mishima.

With the recent existing of the French fighter Victor Chevalier, and now Reina, we’re at 32 confirmed characters. Must you’re drawn to a breakdown of every and each, strive our total checklist of the total Tekken 8 fighters printed up to now. Presumably the most contemporary entry in the ancient preventing series launches on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S on January 26.

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