Stardew Valley creator confirms harvesting in a determined route is faster

Stardew Valley creator confirms harvesting in a determined route is faster

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Eric ‘ConcernedApe’ Barone has been teasing incoming patch notes for the massive update

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If you’ve ever suspected that harvesting vegetation in Stardew Valley is faster in one route than one other, validation is at hand. The liked farming sim’s creator has confirmed that the long-rumoured quirk is ideal, as its incoming 1.6 update prepares to repair a malicious program dating help nearly a decade.

Eric ‘ConcernedApe’ Barone dropped the detail on TwiXXer as fragment of an ongoing tease of patch notes and parts for Stardew Valley’s huge 1.6 update, that also can notify expanded toughen for modders, eight-player co-op and a brand recent main festival (plus two smaller ones), among recent objects handle an even bigger chest and a few recent secrets to sight out, when it arrives on March 19th.

Detailing one of the most extra late-the-scenes adjustments in recent days, Barone revealed that 1.6 will sight felled bushes now yield saplings that match the fruit quality of additional primitive bushes, that also can additionally primitive faster primarily based completely on the standard level. (Making it more easy to replant bushes and beget them fetch help to their previous maturity.)

Also being tweaked is fight, with swinging a sword downward now having an elevated space-of-attain to override the distinctive decision to take a look at its fluctuate with the animation that left avid gamers at a matter. Other adjustments encompass halving the quantity of time you’ve to consume pushing in opposition to a pet sooner than being in a location to gallop thru them and adding a one-week “honeymoon” length for NPCs you marry that stops them at present spending all day in mattress feeling sad.

The most sensible doubtless revelation, however, got right here in a reputedly innocuous patch price that confirmed what many avid gamers (and speedrunners) had suspected for years: harvesting vegetation in one particular route is faster than one other.

Barone explained that since Stardew Valley’s liberate extra than eight years ago, the animation when harvesting vegetation left-to-appropriate has been 100ms faster than when doing so appropriate-to-left. (Effectively spotted, Kotaku.) Update 1.6 will not at present fix the malicious program, rising the price of the acceptable-to-left animation to fetch harvesting in either route equally rapidly.

There’ll absolute self belief be many extra such miniature print in update 1.6 when it lands subsequent week, which Barone recommends you ride with a recent put to sight all that it affords. It’ll easy work with your recent sport in the occasion you could perhaps also’t bear to present up your limitless hours invested in arranging your garden and relationship townsfolk, though.

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