Snow White, Cinderella & Catalogue Of Fairytale Characters To Be Reimagined By Transmedia Agency Elf Labs

Snow White, Cinderella & Catalogue Of Fairytale Characters To Be Reimagined By Transmedia Agency Elf Labs

EXCLUSIVE: Ever puzzled what a zombie Cinderella or Snow White in a Dia de los Muertos universe would possibly maybe possibly well agree with bask in?

A subsequent-gen transmedia enterprise, Elf Labs, is planning to answer to those questions by bringing reimagined variations of dozens of traditional characters to life.

The LA-primarily based mostly fully Elf Labs officially launches right this moment after gathering over 400 copyrights and 140 trademarks for some of essentially the most licensed characters in children’s literature, additionally including Peter Pan, Pinocchio and Sleeping Beauty.

The firm used to be previously identified as Toon Studio however has rebranded and refinanced with plans to develop original variations of traditional characters.

Closing date hears Elf Labs is building an immersive, cloud-primarily based mostly fully streaming platform for the characters and would possibly maybe possibly well additionally launch affirm material in step with the characters straight on YouTube, bypassing used gatekeepers. AI animation and digital distribution tools dangle developed, with affirm material focused at all age ranges.

Elf Labs counts DreamWorks alumnus and Beavis & Butthead director Mike De Seve and branding industry titan Bernt Ullman amongst its group and world tech biz Cosmic Wire as a partner and investor. Company founder Billy Phillips, who originally obtained the character trademarks, is now Chairman and Chief Artistic Officer, with his son David Phillips the CEO since 2022. Ticket Rowen has been employed as Head of Stutter and Thomas Gerrit is Head of Partnerships.

De Seve, who’s the founder of Baboon Animation, will work with Elf Labs’ IP to develop and develop affirm material, which Elf Labs will then grunt as a jumping display cloak strike licensing deals all over the characters. “A creative manufacturing is completely as ultimate as its storyline, and the all-considerable person roster of characters that Elf Labs secured has supplied my group with an inconceivable jumping-off level,” said De Seve.

First up is RoboStars, a chain including characters equivalent to Robo Cinderella and Robo Pinocchio “as a metaphor without cost will, keen younger other folks with the energy to reject robotic reactions to within and exterior challenges because we all dangle the energy to develop proactive, sure alternate,” in accordance with Elf Labs.

“Elf Labs’ platform is a multi-patented machine designed to incubate, develop, and launch mega IP franchises,” said David Phillips, CEO of Elf Labs. “Combining the world’s most iconic IP with charming creative and innovative abilities will enable Elf Labs to really reimagine entertainment.”

He added that Elf Labs would typically envisage to release affirm material itself, however admitted “it is knowing to work with other platforms equivalent to Netflix or Amazon Top,” and used to be talking to likely partners.

The lineage of the firm would possibly maybe possibly well be traced support to 1913, when mapmaking enterprise Rand McNally launched book arm Elf Young other folks (later renamed Junior Elf) and published ‘Cinderella’ while rising a library of over 200 titles. After the library used to be sold and sold several instances within the unhurried twentieth century, it used to be obtained in 2012 by Toon Studio, which used to be led by Phillips’ father Billy Phillips.

A duration of court battles followed as Toon Studio started trademarking characters equivalent to Zombie Cinderella around 2012 and 2013. The US Patent and Trademark Place of job and US Place of job (USPTO) originally refused a chain of applications, however after appeals to the most effective stage, Toon Studios used to be victorious.

“My dad based mostly this firm 14 years ago because he stumbled on the Junior Elf book,” said David Phillips. “He saw the opportunity to monetize and plan phrases without going via gatekeepers, so he started trademarking characters over the years.”

As fragment of the USPTO’s trademarking direction of, these deemed as opponents equivalent to Disney had been given the appropriate to contest the selections. Toon Studio used to be indirectly victorious trademarking more than 140 characters, which had been on the marketplace for several years since.

Many traditional characters are neatly over the copyright restrict of 70 years after their authors’ deaths, while trademarks typically final for around a decade sooner than wanting renewal. In recent years we’ve viewed viewed the likes of Winnie-the-Pooh being repurposed in original guises after they fell out of copyright.

Nevertheless, David Phillips suggested Closing date that Elf Labs’ relationship with the predominant U.S. studios and used rights owners used to be now “immense.”

“I’m a mountainous fan of these companies. We’re not searching to ruffle their feathers — that’s not what I imply by not going via the gatekeepers,” he added. “Here is 15-365 days mission. We desire to know these characters within the long term. I test up on an opportunity available within the market — we have got got the characters and the history, and we have got got an obligation to attain it.”

The original-agree with firm has funding from tech agency Cosmic Wire, which is assisting the push into the bodily and digital markets. Among Cosmic Wire’s resources, it owns an integrated marketing and marketing engine that Elf Labs said can “democratize its characters and reports all over hundreds and hundreds of channels.”

“Cosmic Wire’s abilities enables for a complete original stage of immersion into IP, not just like the leisure that has existed sooner than,” said Jerad Finck, CEO and founder of Cosmic Wire. “Elf Labs’ willingness to push the boundaries creatively and experientially makes them the appropriate partner for us to co-develop a groundbreaking transmedia storytelling abilities.”

Earlier than its professional launch, Elf Labs quietly created the ‘As soon as Upon a Zombie’ book sequence, which aspects the Zombie Cinderella, Zombie Rapunzel, Zombie Tinker Bell and Zombie Peter Pan characters. They sold 100,000 copies and received Red Dragonfly and President’s Awards for younger grownup and juvenile fiction.

Ullmann, who has helped plan the profiles of several stars and companies, will lead on the branding entrance, foundation with RoboStars. Worldwide user product licensing of books, apparel and other merch is planned, while the approach additionally entails AI-powered toys, appealing and dwell-action feature motion photos, and augmented actuality experiences.

“I even dangle coordinated hundreds of licensing deals and dangle never been as enraged as I’m to be half of the Elf Labs group due to the the immense converse likely for its IP,” says Bernt Ullmann, who will be Head of Licensing. “With entry to a number of essentially the most monetizable character brands in history, the chance is unending.”

Ullmann, a specialist in building world lifestyle brands, is identified for work with Jennifer Lopez, singer Adam Levine, rapper Nicky Minaj, FUBU and Phat Farm amongst others.

Phillips said Elf Labs’ “evergreen brands”, proprietary tech and “agile, nimble” building imply it would possibly maybe well possibly well “release affirm material that is each and each used and immersive, which no one had viewed but, faster than any one.”

“The characters we’re sitting on had been in public consciousness for over 100 years,” he added. “That’s what lured me support to the family enterprise. We are eventually coming out and asserting who we’re.”


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