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Sean Strickland is here to ‘fix’ Bud Light

Middleweight champion Sean Strickland posted a video to Instagram announcing he’s here to ‘fix’ Bud Light.

Bud Light is attend as the ‘official beer of the UFC,’ and middleweight champion Sean Strickland is here to ‘fix’ the beer firm.  Last week, Bud Light and the UFC inked a multi-yr deal reportedly price $100 million.    

“@budlight I’m if truth be told pleased with you guys… I will fix you guys.. Don’t fear I bought this!!! I’m here to keep the day,” Strickland wrote on Instagram, accompanied with a video.  

Strickland references the Anheuser-Busch rollout of Pleasure-themed cans in the midst of Pleasure Month 2022 featuring rainbow colours and pronouns.  The switch sparked prompt backlash from conservative outlets and social media personalities.

Bud Light caved to the rigidity and lost strengthen of the LGBT community and conservatives.  The marketing and marketing campaign, alongside with hiring transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, and the reaction of the firm to the backlash, note Anheuser-Busch broad in gross sales.  

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“Hello guys, I’m on my manner to training and I true came at some level of out Bud Light is a brand new sponsor (of the UFC), and God damn I applaud you guys,” Strickland stated in the video.  “I’m so f**king pleased with you guys for doing the good-looking out issues after that f**k up.”

” how I if truth be told feel about transgenders.  I’m going f**king laborious.  Correct what I enact.  I’m the finest point out of organic females.  If I stated my views on transgenders I’d web kicked off Instagram,” continued Strickland.  

“I will be able to no longer f**king wait to discover a broad ol’ Bud Light can and fix you Bud Light because of you guys are doing the good-looking out f**king thing.  I, Sean Strickland, a representation of the American folks, am going to fix you Bud Light.  Thank you for giving me cash.  Thank you for supporting my platform.  I will abet you guys.”  

To this point as supporting organic females, Strickland’s comments in the midst of the UFC Vegas 76 Media Day in June enact no longer mediate that.  

“We desire to depart attend to taking ladies out of the team of workers, and most certainly that’s the build we f****d up,” he stated. “We let ladies vote, no offense. Take into narrative The US prior to ladies balloting. They tried to ban alcohol, I don’t even drink nonetheless I’m no longer attempting to ban alcohol. So, what you potentially did, man, you let these ladies attain into the team of workers, now we maintain much less cash, you bought young folks elevating themselves on TikTok, we maintain to depart attend to love 1942, most certainly 1958 after we f****d up the Germans. We desire to position ladies attend in the kitchen, easiest one man has to be working, in enlighten a collective man neighborhood we maintain to elect somebody that’s gonna put ladies attend in the kitchen, one man working, elevate the wages, and accept as true with a f*****g wall.”

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