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Saucy Santana Is Holding The Stress On DJ Akademiks

In a fiery response to their ongoing feud, Saucy Santana, has launched a diss computer screen titled “Meet Me In The Skreets,” taking aim at smartly-liked blogger DJ Akademiks



Saucy Santana Escalates The Fued

The computer screen is basically the most traditional escalation within the heated trade between the homosexual rapper Saucy Santana and Akademiks, which started as a battle of phrases on social media. Santana’s diss computer screen, “Meet Me In The Skreets,” serves as an instantaneous response to the score relieve-and-forth between Santana and DJ Akademiks. 

The computer screen aspects biting lyrics aimed at Akademiks, alongside with traces equivalent to “you gettin punked by a homosexual dude” and “When I point, n*gga meet me within the streets.”  The lyrics declare the credibility of Akademiks,’ who is identified to focus on tricky on the score and has been criticized as being anti-homosexual.


Fans React to Saucy Diss Display screen

Customers on X reacted to Santana’s contemporary diss computer screen. One user commented, “Ak goes out unhappy rn,” and one other bringing up, “And he idea essentially struggling with Santana used to be going to procure him canceled. Getting bullied by Santana is mainly worse.” The computer screen has indubitably amplified the stress between the 2 parties, leaving fans and critics alike ready to glance how DJ Akademiks will respond. 

How Did Saucy Santana & DJ Akademiks Pork Start?

The beef between Santana and DJ Akademiks started in gradual October when Akademiks made controversial remarks concerning the City Women, claiming they beget been “entirely over” due to low tale sales for their most traditional album, R.A.W. Santana, a chum of the City Women, took offense to these feedback and publicly challenged Akademiks to a fight at a procure collectively. The tensions beget been additional escalated when DJ Akademiks expressed disaster of being canceled for responding to Santana within the system he wanted, attributing his considerations of Santana being openly homosexual. 

As of now, DJ Akademiks has no longer publicly responded to Santana’s diss computer screen.

DJ Akademiks Emotionally Responds To Saucy Santana’s Threats, Queen Latifah Weighs In 

DJ Akademiks finds himself in sizzling water as he faces backlash after disrespecting the City Women and other girls folk within the industry. The feud ignited with rapper Saucy Santana’s name-out, gaining consideration from legendary rapper Queen Latifah

DJ Akademiks Will get Called Out

On Nov. 2, Legendary rapper-turned-actress Queen Latifah shared a submit on her Instagram from New York rapper/activist Mysonne, that criticized Akademiks for being alarmed to remark on Santana but will seemingly be disrespectful to Sad girls folk. The submit also learn:

“Brings me relieve to the Malcolm X quote, ‘ ‘Essentially the most disrespected, unprotected and skipped over person in The United States is the Sad lady.’”

DJ Akademiks has a historic previous of conducting hip-hop beef, but his contemporary trade with the “Skedaddle” rapper has garnered predominant consideration. The warfare started when the Hip-hop blogger/streamer criticized the City Women for their low album sales for R.A.W.,  declaring them “entirely over.” 

This triggered rapper and finish pal to the City Women, Saucy Santana, to rob to his Instagram yarn, accusing Akademiks of utterly attacking girls folk while avoiding battle of phrases with men:

“Akademiks, you retain talking about what the f**k Caresha[Yung Miami] acknowledged to you, but how she essentially feel about you, is how she essentially feel about you,” Santana acknowledged.  “Me being her most productive pal, it don’t beget nothing to f**king form with me. Within the hood, and in a form of urban cultures, if you glance boys which are performing feminine, which are being messy, which are being extra and doing f*g sh*t, that’s what you deal with them as.” 

‘We Need To Meet You Launch air!’

Santana remained unyielding and challenged Akademiks to meet him birth air correct through a Halloween procure collectively hosted by Yung Miami:

“We are attempting to meet you birth air. I are attempting to meet you birth air. I don’t are attempting to tug up to no motherf*ckin’ headquarters, corporate a** n**ga… I are attempting to glance you birth air. Let’s procure active. And after I beat you im gonna f*ck you in yo ass,” Santana acknowledged in a separate Instagram yarn submit on October 31.

The declare escalated additional as Akademiks claimed that Yung Miami, a member of the City Women, had veteran a homophobic slur towards him. In a VLADTV interview, Akademiks questioned how Yung Miami can also use such language towards him when Santana, a homosexual man, and her finish pal, used to be portion of their circle.

“How can also you furthermore mght can beget disdain and even be using those terms towards those forms of different folks if you love who your most productive pal occurs to be?” Akademiks acknowledged within the interview. The slur that Yung Miami known as Akademiks used to be “Batty Boy,” which is a derogatory Jamaican Patois insult. 

DJ Akademiks Responds

DJ Akademiks also aimed at feminine rapper GloRilla, stemming from his response to her blocking off Twitch streamer Kai Cenat for critiquing her contemporary single “Cha Cha Cha.” In reaction, Cenat hosted a are residing bolt with a parody jail setting, prompting Akademiks to portion his response on Twitter (X), expressing his thoughts on the “F.N.F.” rapper’s misunderstanding of the declare.

“Glorilla is a F*cking Idiot.. She essentially think Kaicenat is locked up,” wrote Akademiks, referencing to the streamer’s jail stunt. “Her designate must beget humbled her dull ass in realizing… Bih.. u aint bigger than this blueprint.. and Kaicenat is valued system greater than u. She tried to cop a plea to him but tried to diss me within the approach. LMAO.” Akademiks acknowledged in an October 29 submit on Twitter (X).

On November 1, DJ Akademiks used to be are residing streaming on Rumble, addressing Santana’s threat and regarded as if it would existing emotion, possibly inquisitive about going through backlash or being “canceled” for his response:

“Im trying no longer to procure canceled, but this sh*it does danger me.” For the duration of the bolt, he started to procure emotional and teared up while talking.    Customers on X reacted to DJ Akademiks crying on his bolt. One user commented “I know his ass aint launch crying,” and one other user jokingly commented “Is he crying because he can’t be openly homophobic?” 

Others commented on the meat with reactions on social media as properly. Activist Dr. Umar Johnson acknowledged he hopes Santana and DJ Akademiks score peace and acknowledged “I don’t are attempting to glance a man procure his cheeks clapped.” 

DJ Akademiks Past Beefs

There has been no confirmation of reconciliation or forgiveness among the other folks occupied with DJ Akademiks’ ongoing conflicts.

In 2020, DJ Akademiks used to be also confronted by Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill. Both men beget been occupied with a heated discussion on the platform; Clubhouse and Meek Mill accused Akademiks of no longer bringing anything else positive to the custom of hip-hop and acknowledged his protection of hip-hop has gotten rappers killed. 

Kodak Sad Threatens Ray J 

But one more controversial subject that gathered reactions from others used to be Ray J being threatened by Kodak Sad. Kodak used to be a recent guest on Drink Champs, and fans beget been inquisitive about his properly-being. Ray J expressed declare on his Instagram, ensuing in Kodak calling him a “cramped ass b*tch.” 

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