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Salma Hayek Would Breastfeed a Stranger’s Hungry Toddler as a Family Custom

Wet nursing, a widespread apply predating puny one system and feeding bottles, empowered women to exercise their pure productions positively. Salma Hayek, wisely-known for her position in Frida and dedication to women’s welfare, exemplifies this by offering her milk to a distressed stranger’s malnourished toddler.

A selfless act

In September 2008, humanitarian Salma Hayek, no longer as a celeb nonetheless as a compassionate particular particular person, visited Sierra Leone for an African charity mission. Encountering a mother with out milk in a clinical institution, Hayek, with a one-yr-weak daughter, selflessly breastfed the stranger’s malnourished one-week-weak son amidst digicam crews.

Encouraging her daughter generosity

Hayek acknowledged blended emotions put up-incident nonetheless believed her daughter would proudly piece her milk. She expressed, “I in actuality think my toddler might perhaps well be very proud to be in a position to piece her milk.” Planning to instill generosity in her daughter’s upbringing, she asserted, “That’s the most inspiring element I will give her as a mother.”

Family tradition of kindness

Hayek shared that aiding children ran in her family. In a Mexican village, her immense-grandmother once halted the cries of a stranger’s starving toddler by breastfeeding, a tradition highlighting kindness and selflessness.

“And in the road, my immense-grandmother breastfed that toddler, who accurate now stopped crying and went peacefully to sleep. I used to be in actuality impressed by that story,” she recalled.

Breastfeeding: a replacement, no longer a stigma

Hayek defended her replacement to breastfeed a stranger’s puny one, aiming to design back the stigma on women. She emphasized women might perhaps well moreover quiet contain the freedom to resolve and no longer dread their bodies. “I used to be appropriate launch to this journey, and it’s been pretty an fabulous one,” she said.

In addition to Salma Hayek, varied celebrities overtly piece their experiences of breastfeeding their infants, contributing to normalizing this pure and nurturing act.

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