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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

RPGCast – Episode 491: “Nonetheless I’m 18!”

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  1. I’ve finest played Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, but even consistent with true those two, I’m skeptical whether the plight of KH is even understandable or remotely coherent.

    • I could copy and paste that and it wouldn’t be a lie. Despite the indisputable fact that I did try one of many facet entries for 1/2 an hour or so forward of I made better existence picks. Space? Press X to fetch & take a look at rather Disney areas. Or is that gameplay? I’m puzzled. And that’s seemingly a summary of most others stage of comprehension.

  2. I bear one note for anybody who solutions certain: LIES.

  3. I learn a Kingdom Hearts manga as soon as. That had a plight I could be aware. Mostly.

    I bear some suggestions on the Persona 5 Dancing game, which I’ve been playing. Whereas it doesn’t bear a “customary” anecdote mode, the Social Links in actuality form feel fancy a story, and playing to unlock & leer all Social Links is honest like playing thru a game to switch wanting its anecdote. I guess P3 Dancing is the the same.

    The Social Links of P3 & P5 Dancing are admittedly on a main smaller scale that the rotund-on anecdote mode of the P4 Dancing game. I will’t counsel getting P3 & P5 Dancing entirely for his or her “anecdote”. Nonetheless I am going to counsel them to anybody who likes rhythm games, since they’re pretty successfully-done, fun to play, and bear a extensive collection of say stages from “literally anybody can obvious this” to “finest basically the most insane rhythm avid gamers need apply”.

    • P3 dancing game modified into as soon as fun for me even though I’d not played a rhythm game in a decade (or per chance thanks to that). Relaxing enough to discover down the P4 one since I’m extra accustomed to that crew and figured a small bit anecdote could dash successfully between songs. IMHO it wasn’t price open sign, but the gameplay is stable I agree!

  4. QOTW: I’ve played every Kingdom Hearts game and when I’m playing any one KH game, I don’t rep myself misplaced or puzzled. I rep I’m ready to look at it true comely, in my belief. Nonetheless when I try and portion the different games’ plots collectively to try and accumulate the full story…
    You ever leer those reveals the save they defeat an contaminated robot villain with one of those paradoxical logic loop argument things and the robot can’t parse it out and it’s head explodes? Yeah, one thing fancy that.

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