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Robyn Brown Finds She & Her Adolescence Weren’t Invited to Christine’s Birthday Birthday party: ‘It Stings’

Robyn Brown

Listing Credit rating: TLC

Christine Brown celebrates her fiftieth birthday in the November 5 episode of Sister Wives. Her kids are all invited, to boot to Janelle Brown. On the synthetic hand, Kody Brown and Robyn Brown were snubbed from the party.

“Kody and I and our kids were no longer invited to Christine’s celebration,” Robyn, forty five, says. “It’s no doubt aggravating for my kids and I after we chanced on out that the household is gathering and doing things. It stings after we discover out.” 

It’s no shock that Christine, now 51, didn’t invite Kody, 54, given their present relationship attach. Christine does existing why she didn’t invite Robyn and the kids to her household gathering.

“I focus on it would be great to beget Robyn’s kids right here because they should always sight their siblings, and Ysabel will be so flipping livid,” Christine says. “She would esteem it. Nonetheless this isn’t the space for a reunion esteem that anyway.”

Christine Brown
Christine Brown on ‘Sister Wives.’ (TLC)

One day of Christine’s Fifties-themed party, Mykelti Brown reveals to Janelle that she’s looking ahead to twins. Janelle, 54, bursts into tears over the thrilling data. “I’m livid and a great deal surprised, and it’s correct the full lot,” Janelle gushes. Janelle goes on to relate that Christine’s party “feels esteem a colossal declaration of independence in a reach for this new lifestyles that she’s got.”

Despite the present Brown household pickle, Christine has expressed her willingness to grab section in a household reunion in the long creep. “I would attain a household reunion as soon as more correct to accumulate the kids together. Fully. I wouldn’t beget great conversations with Meri or Robyn or Kody,” she mentioned in the October 22 episode.

On the synthetic hand, Kody openly admitted that he would “never” want to attain a household reunion after Christine’s “trash-talking.” While Robyn says she’s damage over no longer being invited to Christine’s celebration, she changed into previously reluctant about getting the household together. “I no doubt feel esteem doing something esteem that as soon as things aren’t resolved and worked through is correct inquiring for anguish and fights,” she mentioned. Contemporary episodes of Sister Wives air Sundays on TLC.

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