Review: Unicorn Overlord (Switch)

Review: Unicorn Overlord (Switch)

How make you be aware up a sport treasure 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim? Sooner than that ambitious, phenomenal sci-fi adventure, developer Vanillaware learned its arena of interest in creating smartly to connect, graceful-having a be aware worlds with a magical, medieval twist. Every so progressively it was once aged Western sage, while others it jumped serve to Edo Japan. Unicorn Overlord marks the developer’s return to the frail, taking space in a sage realm overtaken by an scary lord. That sounds treasure the specific reverse of 13 Sentinels’ winding place, but Unicorn Overlord is ambitious in an fully various draw. It’s moreover completely gleaming, with out distress mixing loads of systems to construct a honest looking out tactical RPG with a twist.

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First and major place of the sport, you sight the autumn of the Kingdom of Cornia thanks to a insurrection led by Total Valmore. On the same time, the young prince Alain flees the kingdom with the Holy Knight Josef, to be particular the bloodline survives. The insurrection, alternatively, is a hit, and the Zenioran Military rises up and progressively overtakes all five nations of Valmore. Ten years later, Alain returns to kind a liberation military to rob serve his kingdom and restore expose to the continent of Fevrith.

The first stuff you’ll doubtlessly be taken by in Unicorn Overlord are the graceful visuals and worthy song. This is what the developer is primarily known for, and on Switch, it appears to be like and sounds treasure an absolute dream, both docked and undocked. We didn’t encounter any technical points on our OLED in nearly 60 hours, and the greatest difference appears to be goal a small longer load times and decrease resolution when compared to PS5. However we’re speaking about a methodology RPG which requires hours of taking half in around, participating in myriad mechanics, and it’s perfect for a handheld.

Even from correct a number of hours in, prospects are you’ll be ready to utterly reveal that Unicorn Overlord isn’t Vanillaware’s first brush with strategy and tactical gameplay. Every single encounter feels moderately crafted, with loads of maps with winding paths, alternating terrain, watchtowers, boundaries, and even ballistae and catapults to navigate around. No two maps are the same, and each enemy unit you near up in opposition to requires cautious consideration and planning ahead of time.

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Early on, the sport throws rather easy units at you — troopers on horseback, hoplites the utilization of gargantuan shields, magic casters, etc. All of these are aged to various styles of units. Cavalry is at threat of flying units corresponding to griffon riders and winged troopers, while hoplites are aged to magic assaults. As you growth, even supposing, you’ll encounter a combination of lessons within a unit. One unit may perchance perchance also very smartly be led by a Doom Knight, a horseback unit that depends on draining its own health to deal high damage. However they may perchance perchance also moreover fill hunters, bow-wielding lessons that are real in opposition to flying foes. This most effective will get more advanced the further into the sage you salvage, but it by no draw will get much less engaging to fiddle around alongside with your unit compositions and teams.

That may perchance perchance also sound treasure a chore, but it indubitably isn’t because Unicorn Overlord does one of these correct job of throwing original characters and lessons at you at some level of your total runtime, which makes experimenting fun. We had been detached meeting original lessons at the 40-hour impress and had been wanting to rob a be aware at and construct space for them in our units and salvage out about what their strengths and weaknesses had been. As soon as you’re anything treasure us, there’s no draw you’ll be ready to resist having a beast man among your lineup. Every liberation military wants an axe-wielding lion.

The game is moreover worthy at instructing you about these lessons, as you’ll progressively liberate small tutorial battles in opposition to said original class which will set aside you what they’re correct at, who they’re correct with, and (importantly) what they’re aged to. Successful these bouts will get you a good monetary reward, and it’s moreover indubitably satisfying to construct the excellent aggregate of lessons in a unit.

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A category, and a unit, are most effective as correct as its Ways are. As a change of making energetic decisions in the midst of a fight, you’ll be guiding your units around a plot, telling them the place to transfer or who to attack, so developing the staunch Ways is main to victory. As soon as you’ve ever carried out Closing Story XII, these are treasure Gambits the place you indubitably program a character’s actions reckoning on the problem. There are two styles of strikes a character may perchance perchance make in wrestle – energetic assaults that eat Action Aspects, and passive actions that eat Passive Aspects. The frail is an action in opposition to the enemy, and the latter is a reaction to a foe.

Love many things in Unicorn Overlord, prospects are you’ll be ready to likely salvage by the early stages of the sport with out touching the default Ways, but you’ll soon must fiddle with this as you encounter stronger units and recruit original lessons to the liberation. Weapons and armour can moreover grant original styles of Ways which add to the characters’ pool of alternatives. You may perchance perchance presumably moreover prolong units, with each and each being ready to withhold five characters at once.

It’s exhausting to salvage your head around every thing till you in fact mess around with the system and salvage out about it in action in your self, but when it clicks, it’s thrilling. Telling archers to prioritise flying enemies, or making obvious shamans know to debuff armoured enemies or rob away buffs from foes are main. And for certain, be particular clerics are ready to heal and rob away debuffs. And, happily, yow will stumble on out concerning the outcomes of every fight sooner than you even have interaction in it. When we bought the hold of it and seen our units’ fights play out, it was once treasure gazing the complete threads near together in an spacious tapestry to construct this perfect describe. We couldn’t salvage ample of it, and honestly, it’s a tinkerer’s paradise.

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Battles aren’t restricted to unit-on-unit fight, alternatively. Using Valor functions, which prospects are you’ll be ready to salvage serve by shooting an enemy scary, releasing a town, or correct by defeating enemy units, you’ll be ready to make primarily the most of skills on the plot to support buff your allies or deal damage to foes. Enjoy to shatter enemy boundaries? Catch a warrior accessible and utilize Wild Swing. You are going to moreover must rob over enemy an ballista so that prospects are you’ll be ready to fireplace arrows at foes as they manner you for fixed damage, and space units at watchtowers to allow magic customers, healers, and archers to boost allies from a distance. This all comes into play as you attempt to clear a stage sooner than the timer runs out, something we didn’t fill worthy distress with in Celebrated mode but can salvage out about these functions being main in greater difficulties.

If it’s no longer clear, we admire fight in Unicorn Overlord. It can maybe also goal seem rather overwhelming at first place, but the draw the sport neatly teaches you easy easy suggestions to play, and encourages you to experiment alongside with your units, is utterly addictive and genius. We appreciated getting lost in the weeds, tweaking our teams, picking up original gear, and taking half in around with gambits and unit composition, to the level that we had been eager about it in our sleep. Mock Battles enable you to take a look at these units out, and there are battles prospects are you’ll be ready to utilize to grind for abilities and salvage dilapidated to your units.

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The field plot itself has draw more to make than correct fight on it, too. Alongside Liberation Quests, Facet Quests, and Well-known Story quests, which all usually halt in wrestle, prospects are you’ll maybe presumably also goal fill Overworld Quests which assignment you with discovering carvings, uncovering secret sanctuaries, and summoning magic sigils. Every predicament is moreover dwelling to a Mining facility the place prospects are you’ll be ready to play a minigame to salvage rock, stone, affords, and even Cherish Maps. Navigating the graceful world is sort of as fun as noodling around with Ways and units, and it helps shatter up the gameplay so it’s no longer a fixed barrage of fights.

Even rebuilding cities is fun – it affords a plot to gathering affords, which you gain on the sector plot, and generally permits you to tear a ship to secret areas. Stationing guards guarantee you more affords and support to construct you’re feeling corresponding to you’re making a difference in the sector. There are moreover Rapport conversations, the place you originate relationships with other units. Frankly, we’re staggered at what number of of these conversations there are to witness by combating alongside a unit, gifting them items, and drinking meals with them at one in all the numerous taverns. And yes, while no longer every character has a Rapport with each character, all people does fill loads of Rapports with several characters. Some sooner or later halt up being romantic, but this doesn’t near into play till the very halt of the sport.

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The excellent right blemish (and a minor one, at that) on Unicorn Overlord is that sage. Right here’s no longer the considerate, political yarn you’ll salvage widespread classics corresponding to Closing Story Ways and even Ogre Fight 64 – the latter of which this sport feels heavily impressed by by its gameplay systems. It completely tries to embrace the premise of wrestle and unity, and some of the individual nations make fill their very own ‘arcs’ which set aside you helping to liberate and unite the continent sooner than the wrestle with the gargantuan unsuitable. The train is it depends on a number of too many deus ex machinas and ‘mind controls’ to salvage by. The fable does transfer past that the further in you salvage – with the snowy continent of Bastoria containing some of the upper moments – but it completely takes some time to transfer past a surface-stage examination of wrestle.

Fortunately, the gargantuan forged of characters is terribly charming, starting from important and stoic to goofy and fun. Right here is the place the sport conjures up Fire Designate more than Ways Ogre. You’ll be taught the draw Travis, a frail member of the Tricorns, was once ousted from the neighborhood and recede into his relationships with other participants. Then there’s Melisandre, a noblewoman and swordsman who is rather eager about Alain. Every character has their very own identity and persona – with 64 of them, some make go into the background more than others, but it doesn’t indubitably feel half-baked, and no conversation takes up more than a minute or two. In fact, the eye to ingredient in every small ingredient of the sport is unbelievable, and the reality that all of it feels fun, helpful, or participating is a triumph.


Even amidst an spacious strategy RPG squawk, Unicorn Overlord stands out. It’s a smorgasbord of visible delights, intricate systems, and addictive gameplay loops that every and each near together to construct a delightfully thrilling and deep tactical RPG. It’s so easy to salvage absorbed into every thing the sport affords, and we lapped all of it up. Vanillaware has prolonged been known for creating graceful-having a be aware video games with nice looking twists on genres, but with 13 Sentinels and now Unicorn Overlord, this developer may perchance perchance also goal detached be on completely all people’s radar.


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