Ray J Reveals How Brandy Reacted To His Fresh Face Tattoos & Addresses These Who Accept as true with They’re Fallacious (WATCH)

Ray J Reveals How Brandy Reacted To His Fresh Face Tattoos & Addresses These Who Accept as true with They’re Fallacious (WATCH)

Ray J has returned to social media to fragment how his sister Brandy has reacted to his fresh face tattoos and contend with other folks who reflect they aren’t proper.

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Ray J Shares Brandy’s Response To His Fresh Ink

On Wednesday, April 24, the ‘One Wish’ singer took to Instagram Are residing to insist with followers. Upon hopping on, the daddy of two shared how other folks have reacted to his fresh face ink.

“I made up my suggestions to pass live ’cause, um, lots of other folks were calling me, and additionally they’re asserting, ‘We’re praying for you,’ and s**t,” he explained in footage captured by Instagram user @livebitez. “My sister called me and s**t… It’s crazy.”

One day right during the livestream, Ray J elaborated on his sister’s response.

“My sister hit me and stated, ‘Yo, your closing submit that you just posted — esteem, method terminate that s**t down,’ appropriate? The one where I turned into as soon as talking about me having check and no longer being shapely and s**t,” Ray J explained. “She stated I didn’t realizing natty. I realizing dirty. My mouth turned into as soon as chapped. I got white s**t coming all out my mouth… didn’t don’t have any water. So I took it down. You know what I’m asserting?”

The Singer Addresses These Who Accept as true with His Ink Isn’t Proper

The 43-three hundred and sixty five days-dilapidated went on to acknowledge that “now each person” is “pondering” he’s crazy. However Ray explained that he’s committed to rocking his fresh ink despite already being told he would prefer to duvet his tattoos up for tv and film opportunities.

“Why? Why I gotta duvet my s**t up?” Ray J asked. “[Sic] protect telling me that the s**t [tattoos] ain’t proper but I protect scratching it and scratching it, and the s**t ain’t coming off. It’s no longer proper. It’s proper. It’s proper. It’s no longer proper — what the f**okay does it matter? My daughter esteem her title appropriate there, my son esteem his title… They esteem it.”

Later within the circulate, the ‘One Wish’ singer again acknowledged that some other folks reflect he’s going through a “disaster.” He explained that he appreciates the overall public’s “toughen” and prayers, “but it absolutely ain’t esteem that.”

“What the face represents is me letting other folks know: don’t call me for auditions for movies. Don’t issue me that potentialities are you’ll well presumably like me to host ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and s**t. ‘Trigger I don’t care,” Ray J explained. “…That’s the s**t I desired to comprise earlier to I understood the diagram to appropriate comprise s**t myself… I’m never gonna audition for a n***a ever again. Why would I audition for a film when I’ll perhaps perchance well appropriate shoot my film, build it up, and derive money?…”

Finally, Ray J published that Brandy is “excited” at him because she doesn’t “prefer” his face tattoos or for him to insist online.

Explore the singer’s fat livestream under.

Right here’s How The Singer Showed His Fresh Face Tattoos To The World

As The Color Room previously reported, a YouTube video of Ray J surfaced on Sunday, April 21, displaying him with the fresh ink. The video looked to characteristic clips from the singer’s fresh Instagram Are residing, right through which he showed up-terminate footage of the fresh tattoos.

To imprint, Ray J’s face tattoos it sounds as if encompass a logo of his TV network, Tronix, his son’s title, Epik, his daughter’s title, Melody, and a extra fair no longer too long within the past added letter “P.”

At the time, the 43-three hundred and sixty five days-dilapidated explained that he got the face ink “on cause” because he didn’t “prefer one more call time.”

“I only prefer to derive the call time,” he stated. “And what better manner to comprise that than decorating your body with what you watched in… I esteem ’em… I appropriate don’t ever — and wouldn’t even know the diagram to present a f**okay. I don’t care.”

At the time, Ray J moreover shared his initial response to other folks who showed danger after he published his fresh ink.

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