Protein powder launches continue to grow whereas bars hit saturation level

Protein powder launches continue to grow whereas bars hit saturation level

The findings, from specialist though-provoking diet files and insights provider, Nutrition Built-in, unveil a 13% good deal in the dedication of protein bars on provide in the Twelve months ending December 2023. 

At 25%, the payment of delists critically outpaced the payment of most neatly-liked product launches, which stood at 12%.  

For wholefood protein bars –a diet or cereal bar claiming protein – the good deal is even more stark at 25%, as a result of a 30% delist payment compared to a 5% contemporary product payment. 

“Bars have change into a extraordinarily standard layout, in no runt fragment as a result of their consolation and allure for the day after day user. But what we’re now seeing is a market that’s reaching a saturation level,” outlined Gash Morgan, managing director at Nutrition Built-in.

“Buyers most effective desire so many selections and there’s most effective so powerful residence on shelves, so manufacturers are starting to consolidate their offering to focal level on the bars that promote, and lose the ones that don’t,” he added.

Morgan outlined manufacturers are having to work exhausting to illustrate appropriate innovation and now not detect as yet another ‘me too’ SKU.

“Where we’re seeing colossal innovation is when protein manufacturers are participating with neatly-identified confectionery manufacturers to bag products which are bizarre and that offer intrigue and nostalgia that drives trial.” 

He provided examples including the ‘iconic’ Mondelez impressed collaboration of Grenade and Oreo, Race’s collaboration with Lotus Biscoff, and Gargantuan’s collaboration with legacy candy put Conguitos​.

Collagen and particular protein

The news is much more obvious for the protein powder class. 

Whereas some categories, much like gainers and blends have seen a good deal (-7% and -3%, respectively), collagen and particular protein have experienced powerful exclaim. 

All the design in which by design of the Twelve months, there used to be a 17% develop in the dedication of collagen manufacturers and a 29% develop in the dedication of collagen products accessible. 

“It’s no shock that collagen products are experiencing such powerful exclaim, as manufacturers continue to search out contemporary options to innovate with the ingredient of the moment,” asserted Morgan.

And the actual whey class, where he sees the most innovation, saw a 12% develop in the dedication of products accessible, appealing to both day after day patrons and other folk looking to search out selections to milky protein shakes

Pondering the macro pattern for a more plant-based completely diet, a comely pattern used to be a 3% decrease in the dedication of plant-based completely protein powders accessible.  

“Whereas a 3% decrease in plant based completely protein powders isn’t sizable, the fact the class hasn’t grown towards the macro pattern for plant based completely products is comely,” the manual infamous, declaring two predominant causes for this downturn.

He outlined protein powders have ‘manifested’ in another case in plant than they have got in whey as whey enables for more than one product alternate choices – pay attention, isolate, hydrolysed and loads others. Plant protein doesn’t have that versatility and Morgan outlined the market isn’t yet mature satisfactory to make stronger the exclaim of more than one protein powders. 

“The opposite reason is that the flavour, style and texture of plant based completely protein powders serene don’t meet the elements that patrons are attempting to search out. And whereas there were sizable enhancements on this at some level of the industry, we’re now not there yet.

“So for now, as a contemporary, better tasting product is developed, it makes sense to lift out an older product that won’t be promoting as neatly, leading to the dedication of whole products staying relating to the identical.”

He concluded: “In all categories, one thing is particular – that appropriate innovation, previous flavour or added nutrition alternate choices, is important to growing successful products.” 


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