Oyakhilome claims his church raised over 50 from dead

Oyakhilome claims his church raised over 50 from dead

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the founder of Christ Embassy Church, said his ministry has resurrected over 50 people in the past year.

Oyakhilome made the statement during a three-day livestream event on his church’s network, LoveWorld USA.

“In the last year, we have had more than 50 people raised from the dead, more than 50 people,” Oyakhilome said.

“How do you explain such things? Both old and young, in various countries, how do you explain? What will you use to explain this? Including the ones that happened inside the hospital to the amazement of doctors and nurses; how do you explain this?”

He, however, offered no verifiable evidence to support his claim.

Oyakhilome further alleged that the pharmaceutical industry has pressured governments in certain countries to restrict his faith-based healing programs on television.

“Years ago, those particularly from the pharmaceutical industry put pressure on the government of certain countries to stop ministers who prayed for the sick on television,” he said.

“They put pressure on regulatory bodies in various countries to outlaw miracle programmes and healing programmes on television.

“They came up with stupid things like spurious claims and so on, and even today, several of those countries still have some of those things in their regulatory laws, but you know, God is greater and wiser than men. We couldn’t be stopped; all those challenges created for us, new opportunities and greater opportunities for God.”

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