Like Lies Bleeding Ending Outlined: Flowery Heaven or Symbolic Hell?

Like Lies Bleeding Ending Outlined: Flowery Heaven or Symbolic Hell?

Like Lies Bleeding is a myth of Lou and Jackie, who tumble in fancy and tumble for a treacherous draw that adjustments their lives as soon as and for all.  

The film stars Kristen Stewart and Katy O’Brien as Lou and Jackie, respectively. Lou is a gym trainer, and Jackie is a bodybuilder, and in addition they both acquire entangled in a violent draw after a extraordinarily flowery launch. The film has an undertone of magic realism as the protagonists have particular powers fancy Jackie’s ability to grow and shrink her muscle groups consistent with her emotions and Lou’s imaginative and prescient that can perchance label blood trails effectively.

On this text, we are in a position to debate and dissect the film’s ending, which many perceived as ambiguous. 

Like Lies Bleeding ends with Lou and Jackie entering an estranged spaceship, the attach Ed Harris finds that he has chosen them to be the foremost inhabitants of his new world. The couple resolve to believe Harris and enter the pod, and it flies away into the evening sky. 

The film’s ending is left very inaugurate and ambiguous, and the makers let the target audience’s imagination keep the talking. The tone of the film is change into on its head within the previous couple of moments, and we survey an utterly new narrative increasing.

Like Lies Bleeding Ending Outlined: Flowery Heaven or Symbolic Hell?

Lou and Jackie | Offer: IMDb

After escaping from the police and the drug sellers, Lou and Jackie pressure to a a lot-off barren quandary, the attach they rep a limiteless steel structure that resembles a spaceship. Upon entering, they survey a plethora of futuristic tech and are greeted by Ed Harris, Jackie’s estranged father. Ed finds he’s a scientist engaged on a large mission to impact a new world, and Lou and Jackie are chosen to be its first inhabitants. 

Ed also confesses that he’s been manipulating and puppeteering their lives and is pleased with their fancy and bravery. In the end, Ed Harris asks them to enter a pod that can transport them to the brand new world, and to permit them to launch their lives afresh.

On the starting attach, Lou and Jackie are anxious by the revelation, however they resolve to believe Harris and enter the pod. The film ends with the closing shot of the spaceship flying away into the evening sky, leaving within the wait on of a path of smoke and dust.

2. The Ending Has A few Interpretations

The film’s ending may well perchance even be interpreted in numerous methods. The most evident one is the literal interpretation, the attach Harris is telling the truth. Maybe he’s a benevolent genius who created a new world for Lou and Jackie to launch their lives with nothing however fancy and curiosity. 

Like Lies Bleeding Ending Outlined: Flowery Heaven or Symbolic Hell?

Kristen Stewart in Like Lies Bleeding | Offer: IMDb

Then all as soon as more, the ending may well perchance even be interpreted as a hallucination. Harris may well perchance honest be a sinful manipulator, and the two in actual fact die inside the pod. 

In the end, let’s no longer neglect the symbolic implications. It is likely that Harris is acceptable a projection of Lou and Jackie’s minds, and in addition they are actually committing suicide inside the pod.

This iteration may well perchance appear very dark, however a film with magic realism generally incorporates a paradigm-transferring metaphor. 

3. About Like Lies Bleeding

Like Lies Bleeding is a 2024 romantic thriller film directed by Rose Glass from a screenplay she co-wrote with Weronika Tofilska, and starring Kristen Stewart, Katy O’Brian, Jena Malone, Anna Baryshnikov, Dave Franco, and Ed Harris.

Plot within the Eighties, it chronicles the relationship between a reclusive gym manager with against the law family and an ambitious bodybuilder. Like Lies Bleeding premiered at the 2024 Sundance Film Competition on January 20. It change into as soon as released theatrically within the US by A24 on March 8, 2024, and is determined for launch within the UK by Lionsgate UK on Could well honest 3, 2024.


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