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Kodak Dark Threatens Ray J After Expressing Area About The Rapper’s Successfully being

Kodak Dark, identified for his contemporary appearance on Drink Champs, has answered to singer Ray J after the latter expressed articulate over the South Florida rapper’s neatly-being. The replace has sparked controversy and backlash interior the song replace and among their respective followers.

Kodak Dark


Yak Assaults 

Following Kodak Dark’s appearance on Drink Champs, many voiced their opinions and suggestions, indubitably one of which was Ray J, who confirmed articulate for Dark’s neatly being. No longer taking this hypothesis completely, the “Stroll” rapper answered to these concerns on Sunday, Oct. 29.

In accordance to Ray J’s feedback about his behavior, Kodak Dark took to social media to command his frustrations. He acknowledged:

“Ray J, your little ass a bitch, homie. A n***a don’t need no lend a hand, pussy-ass bitch. I’m straight, unimaginative-ass boy. Fuck immoral with you, homie? I’ll beat your little ass.  You ain’t don’t have something to realize with that Trump shit. … This fuck n***a wished to head to Mar-a-Lago. You don’t know me. I be hating that pussy-ass shit. You a Boosie-ass n***a. You wanna perfect skedaddle viral when a n***a would possibly presumably perfect call a n***a or DM a n***a or something.  Talkin’ ’bout Trump apartment, too. Damn, boy. The fuck? That wasn’t even bruh apartment! Talkin’ ’bout you took me to Trump’s apartment. Who the fuck you is? This n***a purchased me out of jail, homie. You’re thinking that I needed you to take me to Trump?”

Ray J Pleads For Back For Yak

Ray J’s concerns were before all the pieces expressed on Instagram in accordance with a post by Akademiks, where Kodak’s behavior on Drink Champs was mentioned. The “Wait a Minute” singer acknowledged: 

“Yo somebody must seize bro and make certain that he upright,” Ray J wrote. “This ain’t the interview Nore. We gotta lend a hand this dude. I took him to Trump apartment and he did the most. They weren’t delighted with the experience bc he had no guidance and respect. Yo @wack100 let’s figure out how we are able to lend a hand this guy in desire to staring at him self-destruct.”

The feud between Ray J and Kodak Dark has also caught the attention of Wack100, who defended Kodak and emphasized that there was nothing immoral with him. Wack100 shared a screenshot of Kodak from the Drink Champs episode and wrote: 

“Ain’t nothing immoral with @kodakblack. Either you realize him or you don’t!! Man was focused and being himself. The Greats continuously stand alone!!” This additional adds gasoline to the continuing controversy.”

Up up to now By: Kynedei Iman Hobbs (10/30/23 at 6:37 pm)

The assign aside It All Started

In March 2022, Ray J played a important role in facilitating a meeting between Kodak and mature President Donald Trump. The meeting took location at Mar-a-Lago after Trump commuted Kodak’s jail sentence. Their connection before all the pieces stemmed from Kodak’s song “I Settle on,” which sampled Ray J’s hit song “One Settle on.”

Kodak Dark’s Newest Look In ‘Drink Champs’ Preview Spark Successfully being Concerns

Kodak Dark’s followers have raised concerns over the rapper’s contemporary appearance in a preview of his upcoming interview on Drink Champs. Within the video, Kodak looks beneath the have an effect on, ensuing in questions about his neatly-being and the moral responsibility of reveals and/or podcasts when that contains artists who would possibly also very neatly be fighting substance abuse. 

Is Kodak OK?

Kodak Dark followers have expressed articulate over the rapper’s appearance while previewing his upcoming interview on Drink Champs

Within the video, the “Gigantic Gremlin” rapper slurs his words and looks restless, ensuing in questions about his neatly-being and the show masks’s responsibility in that contains artists who would possibly also very neatly be fighting substance abuse. This has prompted a debate among followers about whether hosts ought to silent decline interviews when an artist looks to be beneath the have an effect on or allow them to proceed regardless. 

Fans Specific Concerns

Within the video, which was shared on Twitter (X) on October 24, the South Florida rapper is seen exhibiting indicators of being beneath the have an effect on. His speech is slurred, and he looks unable to take a seat down silent. Fans took to social media to command their worries, questioning why the hosts, N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, determined to have Kodak on the show masks, given its promotion of alcohol and marijuana exercise. 

A fan’s post of the Drink Champs preview requested, “Bear you watched hosts ought to silent decline to interview celebrities who seem like fighting alcohol/substance abuse or allow the artist to resolve and perfect skedaddle from there?”

Customers on Twitter (X)  expressed their reservations about Kodak’s situation right thru the trailer for the show masks. 

One user commented, “Damn, he appeared out on camera, so I do know they seen it. They honestly shouldn’t have carried out the interview.” One other user seen, “You are going to be in a plot to clearly look for he’s not entirely okay, he’s beneath the have an effect on, man.” 

Alternatively, there are differing opinions among followers on how they felt about Kodak. “Livid at the immoral folks. Repeat Kodak supervisor to derive him lend a hand. They have a job to realize and so does he,” one user commented. One user simply acknowledged, “They not his mama his heed or his lawyer.” 

Kodak In The Data

Right here will not be the first time Kodak has sparked concerns about his neatly-being. In June 2023, right thru an Instagram reside session, viewers believed that the rapper was excessive on pills attributable to his twitching and aggressive behavior. 

The incident additional heightened worries about his non-public struggles.

The upcoming episode of Drink Champs that contains the “Stroll” rapper is space to premiere on October 26, at the side of to the anticipation and apprehension surrounding the rapper’s appearance.

​​In a separate construction related to Kodak Dark, followers expressed articulate when a video emerged in August 2023, showing the rapper being transported on a stretcher to a neatly being facility. While on the stretcher, Kodak was seen along with his arm keeping his brow, although the explicit reason for his hospitalization remained unverified.

Additionally, in June 2023, Kodak was booked at Broward County Penal advanced for failure to appear in court at a court-mandated drug screening. The arrest was for a previous arrest in 2022 for a drug case. 

Young MA Spark Successfully being Concerns

Staunch as followers have expressed articulate about Kodak Dark, an identical worries were raised for Brooklyn rapper Young MA when a photo surfaced on her Instagram in March 2023 showing a swollen face and droopy eyes. Alternatively, Young MA later assured her followers that she was on the motorway to recovery, highlighting the importance of addressing neatly being concerns in the rap replace.

On the muse Written By: Chris Samuel

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