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Illinois-Essentially based entirely WaterSurplus Steps Up to Motivate Louisiana Amidst Mississippi River Saltwater Crisis

LOVES PARK, In miserable health., November 2, 2023 (Newswire.com)

The US’s most modern ingesting water crisis is taking build in southern Louisiana, attributable to the intrusion of a dense layer of saltwater from the Gulf of Mexico into the Mississippi River. But native residents abet get entry to to wholesome ingesting water, thanks in segment to a Rockford-condo firm. 

Loves Park, Illinois-based WaterSurplus, a main supplier of water remedy technologies, is sending assert of the art reverse osmosis (RO) filtration methods to Louisiana to counter the saltwater surge — passable to form more than four million gallons of potable water per day. WaterSurplus, working in partnership with companies, collectively with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, is deploying nearly about its complete present of condominium RO sources to handle the crisis. 

“Saltwater intrusion poses a severe threat to the communities and companies alongside the decrease Mississippi River, and we’re proud to support execute sure that folks in southern Louisiana abet get entry to to wholesome water,” mentioned John Barelli, President of WaterSurplus. “Our reverse osmosis equipment is a convincing tool in addressing the environmental complications utilizing the saltwater intrusion, and we stand ready to collaborate with native communities, companies, and authorities companies to provide efficient and sustainable offer of trim, wholesome water.”

WaterSurplus’s RO equipment is terribly efficient in helping Mississippi River communities and environmental officials mitigate the challenges induced by saltwater intrusion:

Desalination: RO methods are designed for the removal of salt and assorted contaminants from water sources.

24/7 Monitoring: When obligatory, WaterSurplus’s skilled personnel of technicians and engineers can repeatedly visual show unit the working parameters of RO methods, sit up for operational challenges attributable to altering stipulations, and imply or put into effect adjustments to operational parameters.

Scalability: WaterSurplus offers heaps of equipment sizes and capacities to handle the alternative requirements of prospects, from cramped-scale operations to astronomical industrial and municipal processes. 

In recognition of the rising frequency of saltwater intrusion events in the living, many prospects are also origin the course of of integrating WaterSurplus’s patented ImpactRO into their permanent water remedy methods. This progressive reverse osmosis machine dramatically increases the efficiency and recovery capabilities of a ragged RO. This represents a astronomical step in the direction of rising a sustainable, lengthy-time duration solution for addressing the continuing challenges posed by saltwater intrusion and freshwater scarcity.

For more records on ImpactRO, lumber to watersurplus.com/innovation/#ImpactRO

For more records on Water Surplus’ condominium division and RO equipment, lumber to watersurplus.com/condominium/


WaterSurplus delivers sustainable water remedy solutions across industries and around the arena. Since its founding in 1989, innovation has been the hallmark of WaterSurplus. Currently, that is represented by excessive-efficiency ImpactRO reverse osmosis methods, fouling-resistant NanoStack membrane functions, mercurial-response PFAS remedy, pre-engineered filtration methods, a proprietary line of catalytic media, a ready-to-fade condominium fleet, and the provision help supplied by WaterSurplus’s common surplus water remedy equipment market. For more records, please lumber to watersurplus.com.

Source: WaterSurplus

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