‘Hope On The Avenue’: BTS Singer J-Hope’s Doc For Prime Video Gets Trailer

‘Hope On The Avenue’: BTS Singer J-Hope’s Doc For Prime Video Gets Trailer

Right here’s a vital learn at J-Hope‘s Prime Video doc, Hope on the Avenue.

The trailer opens with BTS‘ J-Hope tracing his roots as a dancer and the diagram dancing spread out a total world of alternatives for him. “I started with dance and that dancing resulted in many other issues,” muses J-Hope, at the starting set of the trailer.

The six-episode docu-sequence will open on March 28 on Prime Video and could presumably characteristic songs from J-Hope’s special album Hope on the Avenue Vol. 1, that will be launched on March 29 at 1pm, Korea time.

Hope on the Avenue follows J-Hope and his susceptible trainer, the popping champion Boogaloo Relations, as they discover the streets of Osaka, Seoul, Paris, Fresh York, and Gwangju, assembly inspiring motorway dancers alongside the vogue.

“Within the discontinue, I discovered the answer in dancing and singing. We’ll excellent preserve loving what we’re doing,” J-Hope provides. The trailer also contains an dilapidated video of him pronouncing that his current pronouncing is, “Precise dance.”

J-Hope started his compulsory defense force provider in April 2023, which lasts 18 months. He and the quite loads of BTS band members thought to reconvene in 2025 after ending their defense force coaching.


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