European Tradition Twin carriageway Brings Taste of Europe to Guangzhou

European Tradition Twin carriageway Brings Taste of Europe to Guangzhou

On April 20, the appeal of European custom descended upon the streets of Guangzhou because the Delegation of the European Union to China, in collaboration with the diplomatic missions of EU Member States, hosted the “European Tradition Twin carriageway” event on Shamian Island. This brilliant event aimed to showcase the rich cultural selection, sustainable vogue, and inclusivity of the European Union.

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The event, which used to be delivery to the public, attracted virtually ten thousand company, offering them a habitual opportunity to expertise the essence of European custom firsthand. From appetizing European cuisine to conventional song and dance performances, attendees launched into an spell binding trail via the 27 taking portion worldwide locations.

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Among the highlights of the event used to be the participation of the Royal Danish Consulate Same old in Guangzhou, which organized the “Dash for a Inexperienced Guangzhou” biking event. Biking lovers, diplomats, and representatives from diverse worldwide locations launched into a scenic route, starting from Lumina, the location of the Royal Danish Consulate Same old, and winding via iconic landmarks equivalent to Haizhu Sq., Sacred Coronary heart Cathedral, and the historical streets of Guangzhou. The bike mosey culminated on Shamian Island, the place participants had been greeted with Danish delicacies and drinks, courtesy of Carlsberg, Evita Peroni, and Ovodan.

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The Danish booth offered company an immersive expertise of Danish biking custom, permitting them to feel the exhilaration of biking via the streets of Copenhagen using VR goggles. Additionally, attendees had the chance to take a look at their files of sustainability and Danish custom via interactive quizzes. Danish fans had been handled to particular items, at the side of Carlsberg beer, Evita Peroni vogue items, Ovodan protein drinks, Kjelsen’s cookies, and CORO food products.

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The event underscored the commitment of the European Union and its Member States to fostering cultural alternate and cooperation with China. By promoting the theme of “Quality of Existence,” the European Tradition Twin carriageway no longer only renowned the assorted heritage of Europe nonetheless also highlighted the shared values of sustainability, neatly being, and neatly-being.

European-Tradition-Twin carriageway-Brings-Taste-of-Europe-to-Guangzhou-005.jpgAs the solar situation on Shamian Island, the European Tradition Twin carriageway left an enduring influence on the residents of Guangzhou, extra strengthening the bonds of friendship and understanding between Europe and China.

[All images courtesy of the Royal Danish Consulate General in Guangzhou]


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