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DOD’s renaissance enters a new phase with the Chthonic Fuzz – the first new pedal from the rejuvenated designate

Final year, Cort Guitars guardian firm Cor-Tek announced it had purchased each and each the DigiTech and DOD pedal manufacturers from Samsung, with the arrangement of rejuvenating the 2 cherished effects institutions.

It turn into an announcement that prompted intense speculation from pedal fans (many judge a new Whammy pedal is in the pipeline), who were later appeased with a string of DOD reissues.

These comprise relaunched versions the Overdrive Preamp 250, Compressor 280, Envelope Filter 440 and Gonkulator.

Now, even supposing, DOD has debuted the Chthonic fuzz pedal – the firm’s first new liberate correct because it turn into obtained by Cor-Tek.

DOD Chthonic

(Image credit ranking: DOD)

Particularly, it’s moreover the first pedal to be launched by the rejuvenated DigiTech/DOD manufacturers because it turn into confirmed support in Might well more than doubtless that some of the 2 respective manufacturers’ most influential minds had been recruited to spearhead the renaissance.

The first fruits of their labor is the Chthonic Fuzz – a “deceptively minimalist, vintage-inspired pedal” that sets its sights on channeling “impressive versatility and a particular sigh”.

Pronounced “thaw-neck”, the fuzz itself is curiously designed specifically for single-coil, P-90, DeArmond and gold-foil pickups, and springs loaded with a pair of 2N2222 transistors to tap into used clipping tones.

In discover, the Chthonic functions a sole bypass footswitch and three adjust knobs – ample, it sounds as if, to conjure up a attach of sludgy, tight-grain fuzz tones. In vogue Output and Fuzz parameters are arresting about quantity and possess ranges, while an extra “Lustre” passive tone knob appears to be like to be to affect obvious audible pick assault at some stage in your total frequency differ.

The appearance of the Chthonic Fuzz turn into handiest a subject of time. As talked about above, this new liberate arrives mere months after the likes of Jim Pennock, Tom Cram, Roger Johnsen and Parker Coons – influential figures in DigiTech/DOD’s previous – had been introduced on board to e-book the firm’s Unusual Product and Advertising division.

At the time, a press assertion acknowledged the crew would possibly perchance be specializing in “revamping time-honored pedals and rolling out new enhancements”.

Now the floodgates find unquestionably opened for the brand new DOD period, we imagine more new pedals will be arriving in the reach future.

Head over to DigiTech/DOD to obtain out more about the Chthonic Fuzz, which is accessible for $149.

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