DevLog Highlight: Leilani’s Island

DevLog Highlight: Leilani’s Island

By: Derek Yu

On: July twenty eighth, 2016

Leilani's Island, by Ishi

I started work on it around a Twelve months prior to now on a whim because I changed into studying rather about a sport create articles and couldn’t resist the premise of a tiny platform sport. It’s genuinely expanded lots previous that though! I’d desire to launch showing it to and discussing it with more people as I continue. The goal of the devlog is to show unique thrilling issues that creep in, nonetheless furthermore focus on some of my create processes and that form of aspect.

Leilani’s Island lavishes consideration to its tiny print – watching Leilani roll into an enemy shut-up unearths all kinds of create concerns at play, from particle effects to physics. You would possibly perhaps correct reveal that it feels genuinely excellent to govern. This consideration to detail is a high quality that’s furthermore reflected in the devlog – creator Ishi has been up thus a long way the log at the least once a week since February, 2015, revealing the game’s influences and evolving create. Per Ishi, Leilani’s Island attracts some inspiration from the persona and physics of Wario Land and Donkey Kong Country, nonetheless in the provocative gifs he’s posted Leilani guarantees to be intention more intricate than the video games from either of these sequence. The artwork, animation, and song (by Leila “Woofle” Wilson) would possibly perhaps silent be at the least as excellent as Nintendo and Rare’s work on these titles.


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