Destiny 2: How To Win Archie And Catch The Blue Metal Shader

Destiny 2: How To Win Archie And Catch The Blue Metal Shader

Every person’s popular Destiny 2 dog, Archie, is again within the tower with the fresh Into The Light update. Alternatively, he’s now not in his standard dwelling, and we’re going to personal to slump on a hunt to search out out what he’s up to. Finally, there’s a triumph titled “The place within the Blueprint is Archie?” that rewards gamers with the Blue Metal shader. So let’s discover down the robo-pup and derive that reward.

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The first step requires going to Archie’s dwelling correct outdoors of Ada-1’s Synthweave shop within the Tower. You’ll be in a location to dwelling Archie’s historical whereabouts by the pleasing paw prints on the bottom. If you’re having a search at the entrance to Ada-1’s space, impact a 180 and amble the reverse manner. You’ll see a blanket and pillows on a stone tile ground. Right here is the place you’ll originate up the quest.

A Destiny guardian stands near some blue pleasing paw prints, with a suggested to press a button to Compare Paw Prints.

Screenshot: Bungie / Kotaku

After interacting with the paw prints, turn around and teach to Ada-1 to derive the quest.

The following step of the quest reads, “Archie heard about one thing known as ‘ramen’ and had to know what your total buzz became about.” So now you’ll head to the Courtyard house of the Tower. Right here, ogle the ramen shop marked by bar stools and an open counter window.

A Destiny guardian appears to be like at some pleasing paw prints, while a button suggested says Compare Paw Prints.

Screenshot: Bungie / Kotaku

There’s a neon ramen bowl imprint on the wall. Right here you’ll derive the next region of paw prints.

The following step reads, “Archie wished to slump pay his respects to a notorious gunslinger.” Now we’ll should always head over to the memorial to Cayde-6 by the massive Ironwood Tree to the left of Commander Zavala.

A Destiny guardian investigates some paw prints near the memorial to Cayde-6.

Screenshot: Bungie / Kotaku

After grabbing the next region of paw prints, the quest reads, “Archie took off past the safety checkpoint to salute a feathered friend.”

Head to the Hangar and discover to the true when you enter. You’ll dwelling the pleasing paw prints on a blue blanket staunch to the true of Amanda Holliday’s historical ship dwelling. Work along with the paw prints to transfer on to the closing step of the quest.

A Destiny guardian stands near some blue pleasing paw prints.

Screenshot: Bungie / Kotaku

“Archie’s final live. He wandered into an open airduct within the hangar and could perchance’ve gotten a miniature of lost. A friendly security body is conserving an scrutinize on him.”

This one is mighty more provocative to derive to than the opposite stops on this drag to this point. You’ll would like to climb to the tip of the most life like staircase on the a ways left aspect of the hangar. Even as you’re on top, apply the direction except you’re near the entrance to the hangar.

A Destiny guardian stands having a search down at some steel stairs.

Screenshot: Bungie / Kotaku

Right here, you’ll should always jump onto the ledge above the basic entrance to the hangar. This could perchance moreover fair imply you’re going to be in a location to use the air ducts and direction your total manner around to the safety checkpoint. After following a miniature of a linear direction, you’ll derive Archie. Work along with him to total this step.

Now return to Ada-1 to carry out the quest and grab your fresh Blue Metal shader.


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