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Coupe de France : Quand la FFF se trompe de club pour le tirage au kind du 7e tour

illustration of the draw for the French Soccer Cup.
illustration of the draw for the French Soccer Cup. PIERRE RAPHAEL
  • Last week the draw for the 7th round of the French Soccer Cup took place in Clairefontaine.
  • The northern club US Provin was confused with the town of Provins, in Seine-et-Marne, and found itself in a bad geographical situation.

This is what can happen when you have the same name, or almost. Last week the draw for the 7th round of the French Soccer Cup took place in Clairefontaine (Yvelines). The approximately one thousand inhabitants of a cramped commune in the North, Provin (Regional 1), are passionate about their football club which continues to make Cup excursions.

Except that the notoriety of US Provin has, it seems, not reached the boxes of the French Soccer Federation (FFF) which organizes the Coupe de France. “. “We have already seen Provin written with an “s”,” admits the president. But the mistake went so far as to place the northern club in a hat with a distinctive Ile-de-France sound. At this stage of the competition, the FFF organizes the draw taking into account geography.

“. They admitted their mistake, but told us it was too late to change the hats. » Result, instead of falling on a northern club, Provin drew Laval, current leader of Ligue 2, that is to say the most distinctive team at this level of the competition.

Win by forfeit

The northern leader therefore does so against bad luck, with good heart. “It’s still a beautiful poster,” he says. Hervé Legrand will always be able to take comfort in the fact that the regulations for the regional phases of the Coupe de France specify that “from the 6th round, no more than two geographical groups can be formed ”. So, even without this mistake, Provin could have landed in this hat. As proof, a club from Pas-de-Calais, Nœux-les-Mines, was also there.

“Now, we can hope that after the federation, the leaders of Laval also make a mistake and go to Provins to play. We would win the match by forfeit,” jokes Hervé Legrand who decided to reserve the Stadium Lille Métropole in Villeneuve-d’Ascq, to ​​play the match on Saturday November 18.

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