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Awa lo kan: How 3 well-known tribes are combating for Kogi governorship seat, journalist unearths

  • Journalist Arogbonlo Israel analyses the tribal dynamics in the lead-as much as the Kogi Sigh governorship election on November 11
  • Three well-known tribes – Okun, Ebira, and Igala – vie for leadership, emphasising ethnic sentiments
  • Israel urges voters to prioritise merit for inclusive governance, highlighting the necessity for a frontrunner transcending tribal biases in handy resource-rich Kogi, historically challenged by leadership components

Business City journalist Adekunle Dada has over 5-year-skills retaining metro and executive protection

Kogi voice, Lokoja – Before the Saturday, November 11 governorship election in Kogi voice, Arogbonlo Israel, a journalist and peace imply, has analysed the political dynamics even as he emphasised the urgency for voters to resolve a frontrunner in step with merit, heralding a brand fresh era of inclusive governance.

Israel illustrious that in the urge-as much as the highly anticipated Kogi guber election, the spotlight is on the ‘awa lo kan’ syndrome – a tribal sentiment shaping the political panorama. Despite being rich in sources, Kogi grapples with chronic challenges, basically attributed to leadership components.

3 well-known tribes combating for Kogi governorship seat
Kogi election: 3 well-known tribes combating for governorship seat
Record Credit: Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo/Murtala Yakubu Ajaka/Dino Melaye
Source: Fb

Read his diagnosis beneath:

Kogi 2023 and the ‘awa lo kan’ syndrome

Kogi, smartly known for its consciousness-elevating, is a voice that prides itself because the centre of enchantment as a long way as Nigeria’s politics is anxious on the present time. Bordered by 10 states, Kogi boasts because the heartbeat of the nation in phrases of its regional interconnectedness to the nook and cranny of the federation.

But the inquire stays, why is Kogi restful struggling on the present time irrespective of the sources nature blessed it with? The reply is easy – leadership.

Since its introduction in 1991, Kogi has weathered the storm and debated among the league of most inferior states in Nigeria with a 48% rating, per the Nationwide Bureau of Statistics (NBS) – this the APC-led executive in the voice blamed on earlier administrations.

The blame game will not be any longer alien to Nigeria’s political condo as oftentimes politicians rating out about it because the finest route out of accountability, thereby sheering a long way flung from its accountability.

With a few hours remaining to but one more landmark election in the voice, the Kogites will seemingly be all out on Saturday, November 11, to resolve who becomes their leader for the following four years – a resolution that can both construct or mar the destiny of the voice.

Going by the fresh traits, the election is a three-horse speed between political giants from the three geopolitical zones in the voice. The three leading candidates encompass:

  • Dino Melaye of the Peoples Democratic Birthday party (PDP) – Okun
  • Usman Ododo of All Progressives Congress (APC) – Ebira
  • Murtala Ajaka of the Social Democratic Birthday party (SDP) – Igala

These three candidates by mathematical association own divided the electorates alongside ethnic sentiments, which can also furthermore resolve how the pendulum can also swing on D-day.

Kogi 2023 governorship election: Okun Agenda

Accurate admire the ‘Yoruba lo kan’ mantra that fashioned the conversation at some level of the buildup to the 2023 presidential election, the oldsters of Okun (Kogi West) strongly give it some belief’s the turn of the arrangement to make a governor going by the zoning formula in the voice.

Since 1999, the Okuns own been marginalised in phrases of leadership in the voice no as a result of ‘pull-me-down’ syndrome by one of the well-known political elites in the arrangement who allow celebration pastime to override the name for Okun to be in vitality. This, of path, will form the resolution of electorates on Saturday.

Kogi 2023 governorship election: Ebira agenda

Enjoy their Okun counterparts, the Ebiras are also no longer exempted from exhibiting tribal sentiment with many hiding below “continuity and consolidation” to sell a candidate that some political critics take be conscious of as “unpopular” going by his antecedents.

Ododo (the flower boy) as fondly known as is utilizing on the recognition of the incumbent governor, Yahaya Bello who has been campaigning for him carefully amid a group of banters from the opposition.

Will the Ebira Agenda play a key role in determining how the Ebiras vote? This inquire stays unanswered till after the poll.

Kogi 2023 governorship election: Igala Agenda

Igala Agenda is but one more mantra that has crept its arrangement into Kogi politics recently following the emergence of Muri as SDP typical-bearer. It will not be a mismatch to examine the overwhelming strengthen the candidate has garnered over time in the arrangement.

Despite ruling the voice for 16 years, Igalas believed vitality ought to restful return to the arrangement after eight years of Yahaya Bello’s New Path administration.

The November 11 poll will resolve if this comes correct or stays an phantasm.

Kogi 2023 governorship election: Who ought to restful accumulate?

What Kogi needs apt now will not be any longer a tribal bigot but a frontrunner who represents all irrespective of ethnic leanings or non secular affiliation.

The ball lies in the court of the electorate and as a matter of necessity ought to restful construct the needful by vote casting wisely advance Saturday. It’s price noting that the lives of the electorate are also protected earlier than, at some level of and after the poll. Violence will not be any longer an choice and ought to restful no longer be given credence.

Kogi guber election 2023: Checklist of 18 events and candidates

Within the period in-between, Business City reported that the Just Nationwide Electoral Rate (INEC) cleared 18 candidates for the November 11 gubernatorial election in Kogi voice.

The candidates are jostling to take over from the incumbent Governor Yahaya Bello in January 2024.

The tip contenders are the APC candidate, Usman Ahmed Ododo, SDP’s Yakubu Muritala and Senator Dino Melaye of the PDP.

Kogi Guber election: Info about SDP candidate, Murtala Ajaka

SDP governorship candidate, Ajaka is a household name in the political sphere in Kogi voice.

The Forty five-year-conventional has held varied political positions in the previous and has shown the skill to steer no longer handiest in politics but additionally in replace.

Source: Business City

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