A Comprehensive Handbook to Skip the Entire Marketing campaign in Closing Epoch

A Comprehensive Handbook to Skip the Entire Marketing campaign in Closing Epoch

Skipping the campaign of Closing Epoch is feasible, however it isn’t as straightforward as pressing a button, as is the case with Diablo 4. Whether you wish hang to are attempting out quite lots of characters, be taught contemporary skills, or stage up fleet, skipping the campaign will be fruitful.

Earlier than you originate up, it’s major to seek out out about the must haves and the items required to skip the campaign for Closing Epoch. While this is also an exhausting assignment, this would possibly be properly price the trouble.

skip the campaign in Closing Epoch? - Detailed Handbook

Soulfire Bastion Dungeon Key

To skip the campaign for Closing Epoch, avid gamers must full the campaign once and hang the dungeon keys for the Lightless Arbor, Soulfire Bastion, and Temporal Sanctum dungeons. They’ll be obtained by finishing Monoliths of Fate, with stage requirements of  22,forty five and 55.

Whilst you’ve got the total required dungeon keys, originate up the crawl collectively with your contemporary persona to skip the campaign.

2. Web entry to the Monolith Procedure by Reaching the Dwell of Time

The Monolith Procedure will be accessed on the Dwell of Time spherical Stage 15. Birth doing echoes and leveling up in the major monolith in case you fetch the specified leveling items.

Alternatively, you would possibly maybe presumably stage up to 55 and originate up doing the dungeons and switching between them and the monoliths. For now, transfer on to the following step which is discovering the Lightless Arbor Dungeon.

3. Diagram Web entry to to Imperial Period Thru Lightless Arbor Dungeon

skip the campaign in Closing Epoch? - Detailed Handbook

Lightless Arbor Dungeon

Head to the Lightless Arbor Dungeon whenever you gather past Stage 22. It’s miles an unforgiving dungeon, so prioritize your defenses to sure this dungeon. Entire the initial campaign phases until you reach the Council of Chambers in the Ruined Period. From there, head towards The Floor.

Protect going North to The Shrouded Self-discipline to seek out Lightless Arbor. Sure this dungeon to assemble admission to the Imperial Period thru the Corrupted Lake.

4. Head to Soulfire Bastion to Enter the Divine Period

skip the campaign in Closing Epoch? - Detailed Handbook

Soulfire Bastion

Whilst you’re in the Imperial Period, head to The Risen Lake and then Northeast to The Felled Wood to seek out the Soulfire Bastion. Ending this dungeon will grab you to the Divine Period.

5. Enter the Temporal Sanctum Thru a Time Rift

Comprehensive Handbook to Skip the Entire Marketing campaign in Closing Epoch

The Temporal Sanctum

Within the Divine Period, head to Maj’Elka and fetch a time rift from there at The Gleaming Cove. This ends in the Ruined Wing and the doorway to the Temporal Sanctum. By conquering this dungeon, you would possibly maybe presumably gather admission to The Gorgeous Dunes in the Divine Period, skipping to Chapter Nine.

This skips most of the campaign, and the total quests are unlocked there, which is willing to enable you to liberate all Idol Slots and bonus Passive Aspects without replaying the entire lot of the campaign.

6. How long does it grab to beat Closing Epoch?

The Closing Epoch campaign takes 15-17 hours to beat without side quests and 33-35 hours for 100% completion. The game spans 9 chapters, divided into three eras: Divine Period, Ruined Period, and Imperial Period.

That is nice a rough estimate, as it goes to grab longer to beat avid gamers on greater peril ranges. The length of time spent on puzzles, dungeons, and quests can fluctuate from participant to participant, differing the playtime. 

That’s all it’s major to grab about skipping the campaign for Closing Epoch. For more guides on the game, test out the link down under:

7. About Closing Epoch

Closing Epoch is a hack and carve action characteristic-taking half in game developed by Eleventh Hour Video games (EHG). The game is decided in the field of Eterra across quite lots of timelines. It changed into released on February 21, 2024 for PC.


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