10 years later, cult traditional Persona-like JRPG Tokyo Xanadu is getting a sequel with a fully contemporary setting

10 years later, cult traditional Persona-like JRPG Tokyo Xanadu is getting a sequel with a fully contemporary setting

Tokyo Xanadu Unique Project is the working title for a newly introduced sequel to the 2015 cult traditional Persona-like JRPG Tokyo Xanadu.

Cherished JRPG developer Nihon Falcom, very most practical known for the Ys, The Story of Heroes, and Trails sequence, introduced Tokyo Xanadu Unique Project in an announcement. There’s moreover a cryptic point to teaser with some flashing, interchanging numbers and the tagline: “You be mindful what REM talked about, originate no longer you?” Right here is in reference to a pivotal personality from the first recreation who, on the live, teases the would-be sequel as well to her involvement.

Within the clicking initiate, Falcom says the parable is determined in Kyoto, Japan’s capital, and a “entirely contemporary” setting for the sequence. It products and companies around a team of youth who “shuttle to the otherworldly realm” depicts the parable of youth who shuttle to the otherworldly realm, presumably the Eclipse from the first recreation. It moreover sounds uncover it irresistible’ll feature some contemporary programs constructed from scratch for the sequel nevertheless will otherwise order a equivalent template to the first recreation.

In another case, we originate no longer know squat about Tokyo Xanadu Unique Project. Falcom has yet to point to a initiate date, platforms, or in-depth myth files. In step with the teaser, it surely sounds uncover it irresistible’ll order the attach from the first recreation and with rather of luck point to more about the central thriller that used to be left unanswered, nevertheless nothing’s been explicitly confirmed.

The long-established Xanadu, released in 1985, is a sequel to the Dragon Slayer sequence that laid the foundation for the motion-RPG kind. It spawned loads of expansions and re-releases, now to not mention the 2005 dash-off Xanadu Next, which released worldwide in English in 2016 from Xseed Games. Tokyo Xanadu is yet one other spinoff and Falcom’s attempt and originate a recreation with its non-public abnormal, Persona-kind setting distinct from the more myth-oriented Ys and Story of Heroes sequence.

Or no longer it is by no method a sinister time to play the very most practical JRPGs ever made.

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