10 Reviews From Of us Who Saw One thing Scarier Than Fear Movies

10 Reviews From Of us Who Saw One thing Scarier Than Fear Movies

Some folk can’t stand fear movies because the terror they evoke is too staunch. Nevertheless, others happen to abilities identical things in staunch lifestyles. These 10 folk encountered one thing arrangement extra chilling than the rest Hollywood near up with.


I used to be staying in a hotel with my mom. I used to be in bed and seen a silhouette possibly 2 meters away from me. I figured it used to be moral a shadow, so I attempted to ignore it, nonetheless I couldn’t. I was the sunshine on and it disappeared. When I shut off the lights as soon as more, it came encourage.

I educated my mom about it the next morning, and he or she acknowledged I was imagining things. A few days after we’d gotten encourage dwelling, my mom used to be doing one thing in the kitchen. Without turning around, my mom acknowledged, “Influence you do now not overlook that shadow of a particular person you saw at the hotel?” I acknowledged yeah. Mom moral acknowledged, “I saw it too.” She didn’t wanna admit that she also saw it because she didn’t wanna freak me out.

***ironically / Reddit


I with reference to received trot off the toll road on my arrangement dwelling one evening. A windowless van pulled up within the encourage of me, a man received out, and approached my automobile. He asked if I was k, and I educated him I was sparkling, moral gathering myself after a terror. He equipped for me to wait in the van along with his ’predominant other and youth’. He insisted a couple of instances that I discover in his van.

Fortunately, my door used to be already locked, and I’d simplest cracked the window to focus on with him. Since he parked his van moral within the encourage of me and I could well leer in my rearview there indulge in been no considered passengers in his van.

Sithasaurus / Reddit


When I used to be a kid, we lived in a two-legend dwelling. I heard my dad calling me from the room upstairs. I called encourage and bought no answer. As I walked to the stairway, I moral so came about to leer out into our pressure-solution to get that the truck used to be gone, and my dad wasn’t dwelling. I serene don’t know what called for me that day, nonetheless it completely positively wasn’t my father.

destrycampbell / Reddit


One evening I was passing by a playground park at around 3 am and spotted an grownup man and what perceived to be a kid 5–6 years of ages each swinging in total silence on the swings. It used to be cold/rainy and each of them indulge in been poorly clothed for this arrangement of year and in particular climate.

As soon as I received shut adequate for them to leer me, they moral leer at me for a temporary second and birth working as immediate they’ll, as soon as more with out a single phrase spoken or dispute/sound being made. Now now not sure where they ran because I needed to scratch my eyes for a second time to check if I was asleep or now not.

DavidKr98 / Reddit


A student moral completed practising in the ninth ground of our Sports Heart building. She rode the elevator on my own, and pressed the Ground ground button. The elevator went down as expected, nonetheless stopped at the eighth ground and opened. She checked the ground, nonetheless no one used to be there. It also opened at the 7th, 6th and at remaining all succeeding ground. She checked after every ground, nonetheless no one used to be there.

The elevator opened as soon as more at the 2nd ground. She peeked inaugurate air, serene empty. She then pressed the shut button. It won’t shut. As an alternative, flashing at the discontinue of the ground amount used to be a phrase. It acknowledged, “overload”. She received out of the elevator as immediate as she will.

LeoTheFifth / Reddit


When I used to be 15 I had a dream that I was having a scrutinize up thru the inner of a automobile and a girl walked previous, stopped to leer down at me and gave me a smile. I moved countries to inch to school and studied mechanical engineering, which required some fingers on work. In my second year I saw exactly the identical girl — who came about to be in my class — from my dream smiling at me.

Later that month we indulge in been having lunch when she mentioned that as soon as she regarded down she had basically the most weird feeling. I educated her about my dream, and it was out she’d had the identical dream from the replace angle.

TheProfessionalEjit / Reddit


I used to be on my own in the dwelling as soon as. I used to be sitting on the bed on my phone. I wished the loo, so I build my phone down on the bed and inclined the bathroom.

When I came encourage, my phone used to be nowhere to be considered. I regarded everywhere. I used to be freaking out. In the rupture I stumbled on it. Right thru the conceal conceal which used to be fixed. We received a cat and the task straight away stopped.

Keshet279 / Reddit


When I used to be 19, my lady friend and I indulge in been in my bed room when she assign free a bid and ran for the door. When I caught her in the hallway and calmed her down, she educated me that she saw a lizard mosey out of my mouth and trot down my body, soar to the ground and ran in her course. She used to be enraged about it and serene shaking.

20 years later and I’m in the dwelling of a assorted lady friend in a assorted town in her bed room. The identical scenario happens. A lizard working out of my mouth, her working out panicked, and plenty others.

Unknown author / Reddit


I heard a girl screaming for encourage. I regarded out my window and saw her moral next to the avenue. The avenue used to be busy and there didn’t appear to be the rest straight away attacking or endangering her. I used to be about to inch down when a automobile pulled up and 3 guys received out. I could well overhear the convo since it used to be moral out of my bed room.

She acknowledged no one used to be being attentive, and so they could serene “are trying” yet every other dwelling. All of them jumped in and drove off. A month later, an dwelling received broken into and 4 folk indulge in been caught, 1 girl and 3 men. It appears to be like, she used to be in the dwelling and left the door unlocked, and the men then came in and robbed the self-discipline.

ZeusAlmighty1 / Reddit


I used to be about 11, staring at my dinky sisters and brother while my of us indulge in been out at the store. We lived in the country, nonetheless had a neighbor we shared a driveway with. The neighbor used to be a fisherman, and used to be away for months. Our bed room used to be on the 2nd ground of the dwelling. I glanced out the window and there used to be a guy dressed as a clown on our neighbors’ patio.

Tight gloomy dresses, defective clown face, crimson fluffy hair. I notion I was dreaming, so I called my sister over to leer. She saw him too. He slowly was his head and regarded moral at up at us. He gave this rotten slack smile and waved and beckoned to us. We ran and hid under the bed till our of us received dwelling.

cutencreepy / Reddit

Constructing a bond with stepchildren could also be tricky, nonetheless when it within the rupture feels comparable to you’re getting there, it’s a predominant moment. In this legend, notion to be one of our readers believed he’d reached that milestone along with his 11-year-long-established stepdaughter. But, moral when he notion they indulge in been connecting, she performed a merciless trick on him out of the blue.


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